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My Story

Midnight got her name from her beautiful black coat. However, her personality when interfacing with humans couldn't be sunnier. With humans, she is a ball of fun. She loves to play with people and with her toys. She is described as meeting life with joy and carefree abandon and fun, fun, fun! With other dogs, she postures. For this reason, we feel an adopter with knowledge of dog behavior and proper introductions would be best. No cats please as she doesn't like them. Midnight's estimated year of birth is 2011-2012 and her weight is around 50 lbs. If interested, please email RickyC68@aol.com and please include a phone number where you can be reached.

Adoption Process

Most of the dogs that come to our Sanctuary have had a scary background of being left to die in animal shelters across the country. Understandably, we are very careful in our approving our adoptions as we are dedicated to ensuring that this dogs truly go to a "forever" home. As a result, our process is stringent, requiring an application, home visit, vet and reference checks and an adoption contract. We want the adoption to be a match made in heaven for both the new adoptive parents and the adopted dog.