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My Story

Introducing Wilmington and Larson – a bonded mother and son pair. Wilmington is the black and white one; Larson is the fawn and white one. This pair is very attached to one another so we are looking for a forever home that can take them both. A little history: they were rescued from a high kill shelter in which the shelter planned on putting Mama (Wilmington) to sleep while placing her baby (Larson) up for adoption. We couldn’t let that happen. We took them in and have been so touched by the bond they share. Their breed is hard to pinpoint – clearly they are mixes - we see some lab but not sure what else. Mama Wilmington is a caring and gentle soul, sometimes mildly shy at first, but is well mannered and likes to please. She politely waits for direction and guidance from her human then tries her best to please. She is very good with other dogs as well as humans as is Larson but please no cats as they don't seem to like them. She continues to dote on her boy Larson and if Larson is with you, you can count on Mama to be close by. She is content to quietly lay in the sun and watch Larson play - she is not as interested in the rough and tumble as he is, but she always keeps a watchful eye on him. Larson will amuse you with his clown-like antics while he runs about and plays. We approximate Wilmington to have been born around 2010 and Larson 2014. Both are around 45 lbs. Whoever adopts these two will fall in love with them. If you are that special someone who will open up your hearts to this mom and son, then please contact us promptly as they are so deserving of a loving home that we want nothing more for them than to have that. Please contact RickyC68@aol.com and please include a phone number where you can be reached. Wilmington and Larson are anxiously awaiting your call. Thank you.

Adoption Process

Most of the dogs that come to our Sanctuary have had a scary background of being left to die in animal shelters across the country. Understandably, we are very careful in our approving our adoptions as we are dedicated to ensuring that this dogs truly go to a "forever" home. As a result, our process is stringent, requiring an application, home visit, vet and reference checks and an adoption contract. We want the adoption to be a match made in heaven for both the new adoptive parents and the adopted dog.