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 Here in Colorado, we have BSL / Breed Specific Legislation in 

several counties, which means;

  Any dog that ‘looks like’ it’s more than 50%  Pit Bull, AKA,

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, AMStaff, and American Pit Bull Terrier,

 may not live in those counties and are banned. Families need

 to check the county law before moving. 

 These are the counties in Colorado that have Pit Bull Bans (BSL)


  Castle Rock

  Commerce City 


  Fort Lupton   

  La Junta 

  Lone Tree     


If you need to re-home or give up a PitBull… the best Shelters to take them to are…in this order:

Longmont Humane Society- Longmont Co. 303-772-1232

Boulder Humane Society- Boulder Co.  303-442-5959

Foothills Animal Shelter- Golden Co.  303-278-7575 

Humane Society of the South Platt Valley- Littleton Co.

     Denver Animal Shelter do Breed Evaluations for 35.00 and
 will tell you if your dog can live in Denver. 
Many PitBull mixes pass as other breeds and receive paperwork stating it may live in the city limits. 
      Please do this BEFORE you move to DENVER, then you won’t need to wonder or surrender your dog to a shelter when somebody calls to report you.
 It is well worth 35.00.
Call 720-377-1719 to make an appointment

Aurora Animal Shelter does them also