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 Adoption Application for (name of pet)___________


It is our policy to ensure that you understand and are aware of the responsibilities in caring for your new pet; and are morally, physically, and financially willing to do so.

Your name_________________________________         Phone_______________  date_______

Family members______________________________      ages______

                         ____________________________                   ______ 

                         ____________________________                   _______      


Pets you have now___________________________________     Fixed?_______

                                  __________________________________      Fixed?________

What happened to your last pet?________________________________________

Do all members agree to the new pet?_________________________________

Will you crate the dog?_____________________________________________

Work Schedule______________________________________________________

How many hours will pet be alone during the day?_________________________

Who will be primary caretaker?_______________________________________


Do you live in a house, apt, condo?______________Address_____________________



Do you rent or own?_____________ If you rent: Landlord name________________


Phone number, & email of landlord____________________        _______________


Do you have a yard? _____________How big?_____________________

Fenced in?___________ what kind?_____________ and how high?__________

Would the dog be tied or chained while in the yard?____________

Would you allow a home check?________ before or after adoption?_____________

Will the animal live inside or outside?___________ Will there be shelter if outside?___

Where will the pet sleep at night?________________________

Do you have a veterinarian?________________ Clinic name___________________

                                                                             Number    _________________


When you travel, who will take care of the animal? ____________________

Does your county have BSL ie: Breed Specific Laws?____________________

What do you expect from this animal?___________________________________

What are three fun things you and your pet will do together? List 3________

_______________________                _____________________________

If the dog soils the carpet, what will you do?_______________________________

If the animal becomes destructive in the house, what would you do?_________



All information that I have provided on this application is true and correct.


Print name ___________________________________Date ___________

Email to swarrescue@gmail.com