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My Story

We would like to introduce you to Marshall Lee, one of Tabby Town’s most beloved residents. Marshall arrived at Tabby Town in late September of 2013. He was rescued from a hoarding situation with 8 other cats. He is currently about 6.5 years old.

Marshall left the hoarding house and has never looked back. While he may have some physical scars from that experience, we can confidently say that his wonderful larger then life personality remained intact.

As with many animals who come out of hoarding situations, Marshall does have some medical issues. He has some corneal scarring due to past chronic eye infections, his teeth were in bad shape so he needed a cleaning and some extractions done, and he has some respiratory issues which result in a comical snorting sound that always lets you know where he is. None of his problems require any ongoing medical care. His teeth should be monitored to make sure nothing else needs to be extracted, but at his last vet visit he was given a clean bill of health.

Marshall is a great cat in every aspect, loving, outgoing, playful, full of personality, except for one problem, he doesn’t use the litter box every time. Due to the unsanitary conditions in the house and the other cats, Marshall developed a habit of urinating outside of the box and marking his territory. We have never been able to completely break this habit.

Marshall does well with most other cats, but his territorial marking may decrease without other cats in the home. He is pretty good with kids as long as they are knowledgeable and respectful towards him. He has never been around dogs, so we’re not sure how he would do with one. He is pretty outgoing, so he and a calm dog would probably be okay.

We’re posting him just in case his perfect person is out there somewhere. Because of his medical issues and outgoing personality, he is not a good candidate for a barn or being a outdoor cat. But due to his litter box issues, most people are hesitant to bring him into a home.

We know that Marshall is a hard sell but no matter what he will always have a home with us here at Tabby Town.

Marshall is neutered and has been tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia (he tested negative for both).

If you are interested in adopting this one of a kind gentleman, please contact either of his guardians, Brooke or Kaylee, at brooke@tabbytown.org or kaylee@tabbytown.org for more information!

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Adoption Process

Adoption Procedure Policy
All our cats and kittens at Tabby Town (TT) are rescued with the goal of adoption. Our organization partners with six local animal welfare groups; each group follows a specific protocol for adoption and TT implements adoptions according to each individual process as required by that organization. There are great similarities among the groups; the most significant difference is that some groups restrict de-clawing. We collaborate with all our animal welfare partners with the understanding that we will follow their specific protocol while working toward a universal adoption process. To that end, our highly trained team of volunteers follows strict guidelines while taking into account each individual situation from both human and animal perspectives.
Here is the process:
-Visitors come to TT to meet cats with possibility of adopting
-If a cat is selected, family goes in a private "meet and greet"to spend time with cat/kitten
-If there is a positive result on both sides, TT's vetting process begins, which includes a thorough questionnaire about animal ownership history and veterinary relationships, attitudes towards animals, as well as financial viability, along with a comprehensive verbal interview. If the prospective adopter rents as opposed to owning his home, written permission from the landlord is required to finalize adoption
-All animal records are reviewed with prospective adopters to provide full disclosure about the animal including history and specific details about the animal's personality, medical conditions, nutritional needs, etc.
-Prospective adopters complete an adoption agreement form which is a legal contract, and pay an adoption donation which ranges from $45.00 to $125.00 depending on cat's age, medical concerns, special needs, etc.
-The animal can leave with the new family that day if everything goes well, the family is prepared for the animal at his/her new home, and assuming there are no concerns or issues that may warrant further investigation. Copies of all paperwork are given to the new family, along with any relevant supplies, etc.
-Each adoptive family receives a certificate for a free first veterinary visit (along a comprehensive list of local veterinary clinics,) to be redeemed within ten days
-TT's team snaps a "new forever family" portrait and frequently posts our new adoption stories on social media to be celebrated and enjoyed
-TT's team of volunteers performs direct follow-up over the course of the following weeks to make sure everyone is adjusting properly and to answer any questions
-TT has a 100 percent return policy for any reason, with the protection and care of our animals as first priority at all times
-TT is always available during the life of the animal, to provide support and answer questions, and to give medical referrals, behavioral advice and to keep track of how each adopted animal is progressing and adjusting
-TT receives literally hundreds of emails, photos, visits, and posts with wonderful stories about our cats and kittens who have found forever homes
-Most cats may be put "on hold" pending adoption (if available,) for up to 24 hours. A deposit toward the adoption fee is encouraged for this request. Under special circumstances a kitten may be put on hold subject to our manager's discretion