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Why CGFreck?

We are asked about our name all of the time. Marketing people will say, “Your name should say what you do.” So, why not something more descriptive?

 For the founder of the CGFreck Foundation, the name IS very descriptive. It speaks volumes as to why we do what we do. Once they know the story, pet lovers always understand the ‘why’ behind the name.

 The CGFreck Foundation, founded on April 14, 2013, was actually conceived as an idea exactly one year before, on April 14, 2012. This was the day CG, our founders beloved companion for over 15 years, took her journey across the Rainbow Bridge. As anyone knows that has guided his or her dog through this journey, it is a life-altering event.

 CG and Freckles were sisters. Jack Russell/Terrier mixed, the best anyone could determine. Looking nothing alike, possessing different personalities, they were a bonded pair the founder of CGFF rescued when they were only 6 weeks old. These two dogs loved everything about life, as only dogs can do. They traveled, went to the park every day and they loved to swim in the lake. “They gave me, and everyone around them, so much love. A reason to live each and every day to the fullest. It seemed only fitting to give back to other animals in their honor.”

 So, with that simple thought – giving back to honor them –  the CGFreck Foundation was formed.  CG and Freckles were their owner’s life for so many years. Today, everyone involved with the CGFreck Foundation gives much of their lives to help save animals – all in the name of CG & Freckles. This story resonates with everyone on a different level. Nevertheless, it is a reminder with each rescue, our animals give us so much love and joy, this is the least we can do to honor them.

 CG died suddenly due to heart problems, on April 14, 2012, at the age of 15. Her sister, Freckles, died of kidney failure, two years, 4 months and 2 weeks later on August 28, 2014. She was 17¾ years old. Not a day goes by these girls are not missed dearly, but they are always with us as we save others, one by one.