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One of the biggest ways you can help the CGFreck Foundation is to become a Foster. Fostering dogs saves two lives. The life of the dog you bring into your home, and the life of another dog there is now room for in the shelter. The CGFreck Foundation is ALWAYS looking for wonderful, caring people, like yourself to provide a temporary home while we are searching for forever homes. All animals placed in foster have been fully vetted, spayed/neutered and placed on heart worm preventative. The CGFreck Foundation can assist you by providing food, training tips and any other support you need.

Why Foster?
- Fostering frees up space so the shelters can save another dog.
- Fostering allows dogs the time and attention they need to become adoptable.
- Fostering allows you to assess the dog, giving us more information to find the best home.
- Fostering allows rescue dogs to become more socialized and learn what being part of a family means.


Please provide two personal refrences. Only one may be a relative.