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Title: Give a dog a shelter break - quick outings, sleepovers & more!
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As we get closer and closer to no-kill in Los Angeles, we have found many dogs that remain in the shelter system have extensive lengths of stay. While their spirits remain high, we have found that increased time in the shelter causes some of these dogs to exhibit behaviors they may not have shown before or exclusively show in this environment, therefore, making it more challenging to find their forever homes. We have been working extensively to find innovative solutions to help these dogs. To name a few of these exciting new solutions: the LA Team created a Length of Stay Task-force that meets weekly to strategically analyze and target our population, we have been utilizing new marketing tactics to showcase our dogs, and now, we are expanding our foster program to highlight more canine opportunities.

We are removing the barriers by empowering anyone who wants to help to be able to. You can foster for an hour, a day, multi-nights, 3 years! When you sign up for a Canine Foster and Outings Appointment, you will work directly with our foster and/or dog behavior team to make an appropriate match. We are incredibly excited about what this new opportunity will do for our dogs and the opportunity to expand our foster family.

Complete these simple steps to become a Canine Foster!

1. Sign up here:
2. Watch the 15 minute orientation video and complete the questionnaire.
3. Once you have calendar access, you can schedule yourself for pick up and drop off anytime that works with your schedule!

Want to Help Out?

Before you can help out with this opportunity, you'll need to sign up as a volunteer. Once you've done that, you'll be able to contact the shelter and express your interest helping out with this opportunity. You'll also be able to create a volunteer profile, which will let shelters and rescue groups in your area find volunteer opportunities that best match your skills and interests.

Volunteering is a great way to help pets in need and meet other caring humans like you!

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