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Title: Finance Manager (Volunteer - Work from Home)
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The Finance Manager role is the most important job in the rescue! It is best suited to an experienced accountant with a passion for non-profit work. This individual will work closely with senior leadership and be responsible for the oversight of all financial transactions at Fetch + Releash. This is a core team role and available to someone that is willing and able to dedicate 6 – 8 hours per week and is engaged on a daily basis (within reason). Due to the nature of the onboarding and training, the successful applicant must be willing to commit to a minimum of one year.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Overseeing a small team of Accounting Coordinators.
- Manage all financial transactions pertaining to the business including but not limited to: Managing cash inflows from donations and fundraisers, managing outstanding payable balances with partner veterinarians, coordinating payments and other miscellaneous expenses pertaining to various rescue partners, reimbursing volunteers for expenses for intakes and other volunteer related activities, ensuring there are appropriate and accurate receipts for all cash outflows, overseeing journal entry transactions for the financial statements, balancing cash on a monthly basis and tracking and ensuring collection of funds from partner rescue organizations.
- Ongoing monitoring of casual balances and ensuring the flows of funds are sufficient to meet expenses with regular communication to senior leadership of state of finances.
- Attend one finance meeting per month with Senior Management and Intake Leads
- Preparing annual financial statements
- Filing annual returns to the CRA, Information Returns, T4 Summaries, etc
- Preparing occasional payroll duties for casual employees
- Answering general inquiries from the Board of Directors, donors, and other volunteers

***Although this contract is for minimum one year, the Finance Manager agrees to take responsibility for scouting and training replacement if and when they decides to retire from the role.***


- An Accountant with 5+ years of experience (CPA)
- Excellent organizational skills
- Reliability and commitment are a must
- Tax knowledge (or knowledge of where to find such information)
- Responsible and accountable to deal with non-profit finances
- Self-learner, eager to improve current processes at the rescue
- Strong communication skills * Confident personality with proven leadership skills.


- 6 - 8 hours per week with the ability to check in daily for urgent requests.

We ask that only those who can make a serious commitment to volunteering with Fetch + Releash apply for this role. If you are interested, submit your cover letter and resume to today!

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