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Title: Volunteer foster homes are needed in California and Nevada
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Foster homes are an integral part of our rescue and greatly contribute to the success of our rehoming process. There are several options to volunteer with IMPS, but the greatest need is always fostering. Often times our existing foster homes are at capacity (some with multiple dogs) and unable to take on additional fosters while there are still dogs that desperately need to come into rescue. Increasing the number of foster homes on standby will ultimately enable us to save more lives. We need foster homes all over the state of California and Nevada.

If you are interested in fostering or would like additional information, please continue to read this post:

If you are unable to foster but are interested in helping in other ways, please feel free to let us know and we can share with you other opportunities to help such as administrative support, transport, fundraising, purchasing from vendors that donate to us from their proceeds, etc...

We have three types of Fosters:
Full-time Fosters take in a dog directly from transport or from another foster and provide housing until they are placed in their forever home. This can be as short as a few days or several weeks. Our Full-Time Fosters typically commit to their foster dog until they find their forever home.

A Temporary Foster will take in a dog in the interim while a Full-Time Foster family is on vacation or while we locate a Full-Time Foster.

Puppies do not come into rescue often. However, when we bring in puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated or vetted, they require a little more care and attention. Puppy Fosters are not responsible for training or housebreaking although these attributes can be rather helpful in their final placement. The primary responsibility is simply caring for the youngest arrivals until they are adoptable. A flexible schedule and a considerable amount of patience is key for our Puppy Fosters.

IMPS’s Commitment to You & Your Foster Dog
· We provide reimbursement for necessary medical care.
· We have Regional Coordinators and local volunteers ready to provide support and guidance to help navigate any issues (no matter how big or small) you may have with your foster dog.
· We publicize and promote the availability of your foster dog by posting him or her on multiple websites and/or on social media.
· Our network of volunteers can answer any questions, screen potential adopters, help transport your dog when you are unable, and provide any assistance needed to make fostering a rewarding experience.

Your Commitment to Your Foster Dog
· Provide daily care for your dog foster.
· Provide unconditional love and affection.
· Share photos or videos of your foster.

Benefits of Fostering
· Enables our rescue to pull more dogs from highly stressful shelters/situations.
· Allows a dog to display their true personality when they are in a safe and secure environment.
· Witness firsthand as a foster dog gradually learns to trust and love.
· Educational experience for you and your family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We hope it adds valuable insight and will spark a conversation or perhaps consider becoming more involved with our rescue to share in the vision that every dog deserves a second chance.

If you are interested, the first step is to complete a volunteer application here:

Find our organization on Facebook at:
IMPS - NorCal/NorNev Internet Miniature Pinscher Services

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