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Basic Information About This Opportunity

Title: Temporary Foster Homes Needed
Expiration date:


Flyer is for illustration purposes looking for temporary foster homes.

Please email WoofLoveKim@gmail.com for further information and a Volunteer Application.

So You Want to Foster…FAQ

*Financial Responsibility – The Rescue provides food, vet care, medications and equipment. You may need a collar, leash and ID tag. The financial cost to you, of fostering and saving lives, is often nothing and always minimal. We provide the material needs, you provide the home and heart.

*Commitment – The required time is at minimum 10 days based on the age of the pup(s) and vaccination records. A typical foster period is usually 2-3 weeks, occasionally a little shorter or longer, depending on the needs of your pup(s)

*Frequency – There is a scheduled arrival of dogs and pups in need every 2-4 weeks with occasional needs at other times that cannot be anticipated. Your commitment is only ever for each foster period you volunteer for.

*Adopting your Foster – If you are hoping to adopt, please be sure to speak with the Rescue and fill in an adoption application. Often we have approved families waiting for pups, so knowing prior to fostering is very important and helps with placement. You are going into this with the intent to find your foster pup a permanent home. But sometimes it happens, and you hope for your foster pup to become your forever pup. The rescue needs to have an approved adoption application prior to any adoption decisions,

*Our program is not a Foster to Adopt model. If your sole purpose of fostering is to adopt a puppy please fill out an adoption application for processing and send it to info4WoofLoveRescue@gmail.com

*Support – The Rescue provides support from start to finish. We provide a foster packet, an adoption folder with documents for review, and a group of volunteers and fosters that help in a variety of ways.

*Household Dynamic – We always do our best to ensure a good foster experience for you and your family. We of course hope that your experience will be SO good that you will want to volunteer to foster again! One of the ways we do that is to learn a little about your home, family and pets. This helps us place dogs and puppies that will be a good foster match in your home while we all work together to find their forever homes!

*Distance and Travel – You would be required to come to the Williamstown, NJ area to meet an arrival transport to pick up your pup or visit one of our vets in Marlton/Mullica Hill if needed. Picking up additional supplies, if it became necessary may also be required. Occasionally, a pup may need to get to a clinic, event, or a volunteer for vaccines. Most of our foster homes are within an hour or so of the Collingswood area.

*Foster Assignments – We do our best to match foster pups with foster families. Final assignments are made within a few days to the day before an arrival, but can change even as late as late afternoon the day before arrival if a dog cannot come on transport. Sometimes we ask you to take a specific dog that we would like to rescue. Once you commit to a dog, the Rescue commits. We can only take as many dogs as we have foster homes for.

*First Step – If you have come this far, and are ready to move forward, then it’s time to fill out the Foster Application and submit it for approval. References will be called, a vet check will be done, and you will receive a call for a foster interview.

Please email WoofLoveKim@gmail.com for an application

Thank you for considering becoming part of the Woof Love Rescue family!

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