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Petco Kennel Animal Care - Volunteer Opportunity Details

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Basic Information About This Opportunity

Title: Petco Kennel Animal Care
Expiration date:


Beltsville Comunity Cats and College Park animal control share the cat kennel space at the Beltsville Petco. We put cats and kittens available for adoption in these kennels. Volunteers clean up and feed them twice daily. Volunteers can sign up for regular shifts once a week or more. They can also sign up to fill in shifts of those out of town or unable to do their shift for other reasons.

Want to Help Out?

Before you can help out with this opportunity, you'll need to sign up as a volunteer. Once you've done that, you'll be able to contact the rescue group and express your interest helping out with this opportunity. You'll also be able to create a volunteer profile, which will let shelters and rescue groups in your area find volunteer opportunities that best match your skills and interests.

Volunteering is a great way to help pets in need and meet other caring humans like you!

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