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My Story

Hello everyone. AG DELTA here… my life story started in Atlanta Georgia where I lived the first month and a 1/2 of my life outside of a hotel. So you ask how did I end up in Texas???

A persistent human wouldn't give up on me & within 48 Hours of landing in Atlanta, her persistence paid off. I'm not going to lie... it definitely helped when she put kitten food out on a regular basis (the humans before thought I liked scrambled eggs...uh not so much) She earned my trust and in one quick swoop she had me wrapped in a towel and I was quickly moved to her bathroom at the hotel. You see she was in Atlanta for work so I spent the next two and a half weeks getting used to the human touch and what it felt like to have shelter and food on a regular basis. PS I'm the best little kitten I'll jump right up on your lap and give you kisses maybe a little nibble here and there but the humans keep saying it's a love nibble. I love to play with my kitten toys

When it was time for her to fly back to Texas we made an exciting trip. Boy was that an experience going through the TSA security checkpoint at the airport. I now live in Texas and I've been given a clean bill of health I'm a lovable sweet kitten with a cute little feisty side looking for my forever home. My name is AG Delta you ask what type of name is that.... well, you see I am from Atlanta, Georgia and my human was training at the Delta facility (she knew I had to have a middle name because we were in the South) so, AG Delta it is!!

I'm now approximately 5 months old, neutered & UTD on my shots.

I would love the opportunity to have a human all to myself. I'd love to come and meet you. If you'd like to meet me, please email: info@wagsfundrescue.com

For the month of June 2017, all cat adoptions are $25

Age: 5 months
Weight: 8 lbs
Kids: good
Dogs: unknown
Cats: good

Adoption Process


We work hard to find the perfect home for all the dogs and cats in our care. Listed below is the sequence of events that we go through to assure that our pets and our applicants are the perfect match for each other:

1. Fill out and return our adoption application form. 

2. After receiving your application, we will verify with your vet the care on your current or 
previous animals. 

3. We will contact you to discuss your current situation and which pet you are interested in 

4. After discussion, we will arrange a time for you to meet your prospective new family 
member. We may suggest you bring your other pets to this meeting. 

5. If the initial meeting goes well and both parties agree to move forward with the 
adoption, we will arrange for a home visit. 

6. If, at the home visit, both parties agree that the home is good match for the adoptable 
pet, we will move forward with the adoption. 

7. We ask the new family to have a crate, food, toys, treats, etc. ready before the animal is transferred to the home.
8. At the home visit we will review the Home Visit Checklist and Adoption Checklist, review and sign the adoption contract, collect the adoption fee ($200 for dogs, $75 for kittens, and $50 for cats) and take the Happy Tail photo. 

9. We will collect the medical records for your adopted pet and send them to you. We will also provide information to you on how to register your pet's microchip.