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My Story

Hi there,

My name is Garbo and I'm a very sweet, loyal, friendly, and all-around great gal. I just finished having puppies about 3 month ago, but now I'm over that part of my life and I'm on to concentrating on the rest of my career. I'm energetic, love to play with my human friends and also doggy friends. I'm quite tolerant of the little kittens that are at my foster mom's house. I'm currently taking some long walks and learning to job along side my foster mom. I'm also enrolled in an obedience class. If I haven't finished all of my training, the remainder of the classes will be transferred at no charge to my new adopter. We'll even throw in a special private session with the trainer to help you catch up with what I know!

I display a bit of energy, when I first meet people, because I'm just so excited about everything. Once I settle in (which doesn't take long), I become a total couch potato. I love to lie around and lounge on the sofa, watching TV, watching meal preparation, etc. I do a great job of lounging.

So, if you are looking for an adult dog who still has lots of pep and spring in her step, yet understands the joy of relaxing and chilling and loves a good family, then I'm the girl for you. Please contact info@wagsfundrescue.com for information on adopting me...Garbo.

Adoption Process


We work hard to find the perfect home for all the dogs and cats in our care. Listed below is the sequence of events that we go through to assure that our pets and our applicants are the perfect match for each other:

1. Fill out and return our adoption application form. 

2. After receiving your application, we will verify with your vet the care on your current or 
previous animals. 

3. We will contact you to discuss your current situation and which pet you are interested in 

4. After discussion, we will arrange a time for you to meet your prospective new family 
member. We may suggest you bring your other pets to this meeting. 

5. If the initial meeting goes well and both parties agree to move forward with the 
adoption, we will arrange for a home visit. 

6. If, at the home visit, both parties agree that the home is good match for the adoptable 
pet, we will move forward with the adoption. 

7. We ask the new family to have a crate, food, toys, treats, etc. ready before the animal is transferred to the home.
8. At the home visit we will review the Home Visit Checklist and Adoption Checklist, review and sign the adoption contract, collect the adoption fee ($200 for dogs, $75 for kittens, and $50 for cats) and take the Happy Tail photo. 

9. We will collect the medical records for your adopted pet and send them to you. We will also provide information to you on how to register your pet's microchip.