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Adopting a Friend

The dogs and cats available for adoption have been vet-checked, temperament tested, current on vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. All puppies or kittens not old enough to be spayed or neutered will be adopted out with a spay/neuter voucher good for a deposit refund of $20 after proof of alteration is provided. We ask a minimum donation for dogs and puppies of $125 cash with cats and kittens $40 cash. Adopters will receive a health record plus a one year Ohio dog license for a dog. We are not set up to take credit/debit cards.  

If there are dogs or cats in the prospective adopters home, they should be spayed or neutered.  There is a pre-adoption survey and an adoption contract that is signed at the time of the adoption.  We will do out of state and in state adoptions, but we do not transport at this time.


Adoption Day Open Houses are held the third Sunday of each month 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Occasionally, we will offer a special adoption event which you can find on our event calendar.  Adoptions are also offered by appointment. For an appointment or further information, please email wahspets@yahoo.com or call the toll free pager at 1-877-802-1633.

The most important phase that dogs go through when getting out of the shelter and first in their new home is the Decompression Phase. Any change in a dog’s environment or routine will cause some level of stress and it’s our job as their guardian to be patient and guide them through this time, however long it takes. Please read this information so you can offer your new family member a good and stable welcome in its new home.Read before rescue.