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Animal Friends Furever, Inc. (AFF) is a group of animal lovers that came together on June 6, 2007 to be the voice of animals in need. We are a rescue who helps those owners who can no longer care for their Furbabiesand want to make sure they get the best new home. AFF also takes in animals found on the street or from shelters. AFF will help any animal in need if we can. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT have a PHYSICAL SHELTER!


AFF helps owners find new and loving homes for their pets when they can no longer keep them. We do this by posting a story and a picture on Petfinder.com and other adoption websites and placing a picture in the paper. AFF’s animals also come from bad situations such as the street, abusive/neglectful situations, or animals who were tossed out. In each case our priority is to find each animal a Furever home! AFF main goals is quality not quantity!


AFF’S animals are mostly owner surrenders. Generally, these animals are NOT evaluated by AFF. Information about them comes directly from the owner. AFF DOES NOT HAVE A SHELTER! Our animals stay with their current owner(s) or in foster care. Foster homes are all over. We do not have a shelter where our animals are all together! Some of our Furbabiesare with other rescue groups or in shelters and posted on our site as a courtesy.

AFF’S Mission

To assist owners who can no longer care for their animals by placing them in new homes and providing any needed medical treatment.To place abandoned, abused, and stray dogs/cats in foster homes as quickly as possible, until a permanent home can be found. To rehabilitate and re-home unwanted, stray and abandoned animals. To educate the public about abuse and neglect of animals and the importance of spay/neutering their pets. 

To bring to the attention of the public the dangers of choke and prong collars along with educating people about the danger of retractable leashes and electric fences.To educate the public about the cruelty of declawing and leaving cats to fend for themselves.