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Five tips to keeping your indoor cat happy

Posted by Jennifer on March 30th, 2015

cats-enjoy-catioSolitary confinement in a windowless room  punishes the occupant by a lack of interaction with the outside world. Caring cat people often worry that confining a cat to be an indoor-only pet is a similar type of punishment, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re reading this article, we likely don’t have to tell you about the numerous health, behavior, and safety benefits of keeping your cat always inside your home. So we’re here to help you with five helpful tips for keeping an indoor cat happy which will help keep him healthy too. Read More

5 dog leash tips – the best and the safest!

Posted by Jennifer on March 26th, 2015

best-flexi-leashThere are so many different styles of dogs leashes, how do you know what is best and safest for you and your dog? A nylon 4′ leash or a 16′ cord retractable leash like a Flexileash? A 6-foot leather leash or a rope slip-leash? You’re a good pet parent and want to keep your pet safe, but the choices can be overwhelming, and you might not be aware of the dangers lurking behind the choice of which leash you use on your dog. Here are ten dog leash tips to help get your walk started on the right foot, er, paw. Read More

Annie-tripWe Love a Good Adoption Story! Don’t You? One of our favorite classic tales of adoption might also be one of your favorites. ANNIE, which made its stage premiere back in 1976, went on to be a Broadway hit the following year, with a movie version following soon after in 1982. Now, all these years later, the inspiring adoption tale is back with a twist. In the new version, little orphan Annie is now a foster child, but one important thing remains the same: Sandy, the adorable homeless dog who stars alongside Annie, is adopted by Annie in all versions! You’ve got to just love that! For more on the Blu-ray™ release of the film or to enter to win a trip (with your dog!) to NYC where ANNIE was filmed, visit Read More

Happy Beginning: Todd

Posted by Laurie on March 19th, 2015

Todd-happy-adoption“Thank you to your wonderful search site, we’ve found our little boy, Todd! Todd is everything we wanted and more! He’s very sweet and funny and so well behaved. We feel so fortunate to have him in our life! We had our previous dog, Tasha, for 16 years and when she passed we felt her loss. We were told his original owner was homeless, and Todd was getting chewed on by the bigger dogs. He loved him so much, he surrendered Todd, his 3-year-old best friend, to Brightside Animal Center in Redmond OR to have a better home. Thank you again for helping these sweet innocent animals find new forever homes! Thank you again for all you do! - Kim & Curt.” We love hearing stories about how helped a loving family adopt a homeless pet like Todd. We’d love to hear your Happy Beginnings story too! Send your pet adoption story to with a photo or two, and tell us how helped you with your adoption. Thank you for adopting a pet and saving a life! Read More

Are potato chips dangerous for dogs?

Posted by Jennifer on March 16th, 2015

chips-bag-dangerCould it be true… is a bag of potato chips dangerous for dogs? Yes! Sadly we know this because of a horrible accident with a friend’s dog. He managed to get a bag of potato chips off the counter while his people were sleeping. When they woke up, it was to find their beloved pet suffocated by the bag. So horrible! He put his head in the bag trying to lick all the chips out, and the bag got stuck on his head covering his face, and he couldn’t breathe. Newer chip bags are made from material that is very hard to tear, and though he must have tried to get it off his head, he couldn’t before he passed out, and eventually died from lack of oxygen. We’re sharing this very sad story as a warning to all dog owners: keep potato chip and other snack bags totally out of reach of your dogs. Keep them closed inside top kitchen cabinets, just like you’d keep plastic bags out of reach of small children and babies. We hope this safety tip keeps dogs safe from the dangers of potato chip bags. Read More

Benefits of children and dogs growing up together

Posted by Guest Author on March 12th, 2015

petcentric-dog-babyOur friends over at Petcentric recently posted this great article with five great benefits of dogs and children growing up together. Puppies and babies can be a tough combo to juggle, but adopt a young or older adult dog who’s already trained and good around children, and the mix can be magical! Here are some of the many benefits of dogs being in children’s lives that Petcentric describes. Read More

How does it work to adopt a pet?

Posted by Jennifer on March 9th, 2015

how-to-adopt-dog-cat-bunnyIf you’ve never adopted a pet before, you may be wondering, how does the process work? You can see so many adorable pets for adoption on our website, but what’s the first step, and then what happens next? This article will help give you an overview of how it works to adopt a pet, so you know what to expect, and can have a better overall pet adoption experience. Read More

Do cat-proof curtains exist?

Posted by Jennifer on March 2nd, 2015

cat-proof-curtainsCurtains and blinds make great cat toys… said no cat owner, ever! Plenty of cats and kittens do find the swaying curtain pulls, shimmering sheers, and horizontal mini-blinds not only irresistible for hiding, pouncing, and batting, but they also are clearly thinking, “Why does my human keep putting them in the way of my view of the fascinating things going on outside?” Finding “kitten-proof” window treatments that will work for what you want them to do on your windows and not have your cats destroy them can take compromise and detective work. We present you with example number one, in the photo above. In the photo you see James, my 8-month old foster kitten, who has not only managed to wrap himself up in the sheer curtain, but figured out its a great way to make batting at the almost-cat-proof plastic plant even more fun. I managed to snap the photo just before he executed a perfect jelly roll move that took him and the tension curtain rod tumbling to the ground. Mini blinds seem to suffer the worst, with the metal slats being so easily bent and plenty of cloth cords to be chewed on too! So are there cat-proof curtains? Yes! Read on for some ideas. Read More

Stop cat meowing at night

Posted by Jennifer on February 26th, 2015

stop-cat-meowingCats meow to communicate. Most often domestic cats are meowing to try to tell their humans something. Usually humans appreciate these vocal requests, being such vocally communicative creatures ourselves. But when a cat is meowing at night when we (and our neighbors) are trying to sleep, that’s not usually appreciated! Cats are naturally nocturnal beings. If you have a cat that is meowing at night and you want him to stop, it typically involves a bit of detective work and trial-and-error figuring out what will be a happy resolution to what is causing the meowing and making him stop. The first step is to try to figuring out why he is meowing. Here are some things a cat’s meow at night could be trying to tell you: Read More

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