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Our Featured Wantage, NJ Partner:

Under My Wing Avian Refuge

1243 Rte 23 North
Wantage, NJ 07461

Pet adoption saves lives. Adopt a pet and you'll have a friend for life! Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.

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About Our Rescue Group:

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a “No-kill” Exotic Bird sanctuary with a heart for the behaviorally and physically challenged, the sick, for the older, and the unattractive parrots offering a safe, comfortable living environment for the small fraction of the thousands of Exotic Birds who have been abused, neglected and emotionally scarred for life.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is to remain a charitable organization providing companion birds with temporary and long term complete care.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a “No-Kill” Exotic Bird Sanctuary founded in 2007. Under My Wing is a permanent residential facility for exotic birds and a 501 C3 nonprofit organization. We are best recognized by our community as “The North Jersey Sanctuary for Exotic Birds”

Under My Wing provides a safe permanent residence to exotic birds and maintains their lifelong care. Excellent professional care and specialized in working with birds that are aggressive towards all humans, very noisy, self-mutilators, feather pucker’s, are elder or in need of pelleted care, have disabilities and parrots that have very neurotic behaviors. In addition Under My Wing provides services to the avian community in general via education, hands-on training. Our community outreach serves both parrots and people offering services and programs specifically designed to assist the elder, disabled and the youth population with bird care. Thus, reaching new growth and embracing a better future for the exotic bird’s welfare and care.

At Under My Wing we listen, we council, we imagine and we create solutions on the complex issues involved in addressing the welfare of the birds and for individuals who are in need or wish to relinquish a bird; options to suit their needs and, circumstances and affordability.

Under My Wing is focused on the present and future needs of the birds. Our experience brings us to a vision of preparedness, deeply rooted, financially stable and with a ready and equipped facility capable to handle the bird’s continual needs resulting from their capture to the present mass production and sale of their species. Our vision’s readiness is crucial to animal welfare especially for the unwanted, abused, disabled, elderly and the parrots left to chance 10, 30, 50 years from now as well as; educating and preparing the youth, to care for the unwanted parrots lives and have a life expectancy to 80+ years of age, surpassing us and today's human generation.

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Under My Wing will equip you with as much knowledge as we have about our adoptable birds, provide you with training and education to properly care for the bird you adopt. It is your dedication to a life in need that we consider as well as your long term ability to care for the bird, your suitable home, other members in your family and other pets who will share the bird's life with you. Please give careful consideration to the commitment you are about to undertake when adopting. You will be their future.

We Are located at 1243 Rte 23 North, Wantage, NJ 07461

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We have helped lots of pets connect with loving and caring owners. Check out our adopted pets list!

Why should you adopt?

birds can make wonderful pets, and rather than buying a bird for sale or finding a bird breeder, adopting a bird from an animal shelter or rescue organization is the perfect way to add a bird to your family. Keep in mind, there is a lot you will need to know when you provide a home for a bird. You will need to learn what to feed them, how much exercise or attention your bird needs, and many other important things about how to house and care for a bird. There are different types of birds including African Grey, Amazon, Brotogeris, Budgie, Button Quail, Caique, Canary, Chicken, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Conure, Dove, Duck, Eclectus, Emu, Finch, Goose, Guinea Fowl, Kakariki, Lorikeet, Lovebird, Macaw, Mynah, Ostrich, Parakeet - Other, Parakeet - Quaker, Parrotlet, Parrot - Other, Peacock, Pheasant, Pigeon, Pionus, Poicephalus (including Senegal and Meyer's), Quail, Rhea, Ringneck, Rosella, Softbill - Other, Swan, Toucan, and Turkey.

Pet adoption saves lives. Adopt a pet and you'll have a friend for life! Please consider a rescue pet before you buy a pet from a breeder or pet store. Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.