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Roll Over Animal Rescue, Inc. (ROAR)

Dog adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog and you'll have a friend for life! Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.

Pets at Our Rescue Group:

Cities, Towns, and/or Counties We Serve:

We serve northeast IL, southeast WI, and northwest IN areas. Our foster homes are located in the far north suburbs down to the western suburbs of Chicago. We do not ship pets. We require all adopters to come to the foster home to meet the pet they are interested in.

About Our Rescue Group:

ROAR is small, all volunteer organization of animal lovers. We started ROAR because we want to make a difference for the animals and for the people looking to adopt. We have heard the horror stories of people being treated less than graciously and assure you, we value you. We want every adoption to be a great experience for everyone involved. We believe in training our dogs in basic obedience and manners prior to putting them out there for the world to see. We will tell you all we know about his/her quirks and behaviors and of course health. Watching a dog come around and learn what it takes to be a great family member is very rewarding for us. What sets ROAR apart from some other options is that we take our time and work with the dogs in our program.

Our dogs all live in our homes. They become a part of our family. They get the veterinary care they need to thrive physically. We give them the love and boundaries they need to thrive psychologically. We stay in contact with the people who adopt the pets we have loved, nurtured, and trained. ROAR remains a resource to work through any adjustment issues the pet may have. We are family after all.

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Come Meet our Pets:

All of our pets are in private homes. An adoption counselor will set up an appointment with you to meet the pet in the home. Since most of us are working and raising families etc, we show our fosters mostly in the evenings and weekends. We will do all we can to arrange another time if needed.

We will sometimes have showing events at local pet supply stores. Please check our website, for upcoming events.

Our Adoption Process:

The very first step in adopting from ROAR is to submit an adoption application. The adoption application is on our website, An adoption counselor will review the application, contact references, and call with any further questions and to answer questions you may have. If you are not notified within a week, please email us at to ensure we did receive your application. We are all volunteers and might just be behind, but in case we missed it, let us know. The adoption counselor will set up an appointment for you to go to the foster home and meet the dog. If you and the dog are a good match, you will be allowed to take him/her home after signing the adoption contract and paying the adoption fee listed in the posting for each pet. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. Some pets may have specific needs such as another dog in the home, fenced yard, no children, etc. Those requirements will be listed in the posting for that dog. ROAR will contact the adopters for periodic follow up to ensure the transition is going well.

Our Adopted Pets:

We have helped lots of pets connect with loving and caring owners. Check out our adopted pets list!

Why should you adopt?

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life! What is the difference between adopting a dog or puppy versus getting dogs for sale or puppies for sale from a dog breeder? When someone is breeding puppies, they are creating new dogs who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog or puppy and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale from a puppy breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs who must find homes. So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog or adopt a puppy at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.