Some people think that because wolves and coyotes live through long, snowy winters, that domesticated dogs can be left outside in the cold, but this is absolutely not true! Just because dogs have fur does not mean the cold weather doesn’t affect them. Dogs can even get frostbitten, so it’s important to keep your pets warm and indoors during the winter months. Many breeds of domesticated dogs have much less fur than their wild ancestors. And all family pets have come to need the warmth (and food) that living with humans provides. Also, dogs love to be inside and interact with people, so the winter can actually provide some cozy, bonding time for you and your pooch. Taking walks in the cold is no problem, but after that chilly outing, stay inside together, cuddle up, and while you’re at it, there are many fun games you can play to keep your pup stimulated indoors! Learn about how to keep dogs safe in the cold and fun indoor games by clicking here.