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In Case Your Dog is Lost –

Posted by jeff on February 11th, 2013

The thought of losing your dog is of course not a fun thing to consider, but the digital age has brought us more tools to help in the event it does happen. One of the sites we applaud to help with reuniting you with a lost dog is has reunited hundreds of lost dogs and their owners, and their website has countless success stories of pets being brought back to their rightful owner. They also have a sister site called for lost cats. The website has over 9,000 followers on Facebook, and as of Feb 4, 2013 there are 267,319 dogs registered with Fido Here are some of the ways you can utilize in order to be proactive, and reactive if your dog is lost, or you find a lost dog in your area.

  • Sign-up for Neighborhood Watch – Neighborhood Watch allows you to be notified any time a lost or found dog is posted in your area.
  • Register your dog before he gets lost. This gives people in your area a way to contact you if your dog ever gets lost.
  • Fido Finder also has relationships with many shelters so that they are notified if your dogs is lost.
  • Check out many of the helpful articles on their website that will help you prepare and successfully find your lost dog.
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