Should I adopt a cat or a kitten?

Posted by Jennifer on April 26th, 2011

British grey kitten (3 months)One of our favorite blog sites, Way of Cats, recently posted a very interesting article comparing the bonding differences between a cat and a kitten. It has some very helpful insights into some differences you might not have thought of or even known about before! If you are looking to adopt a new feline but aren’t sure if an adult cat or a kitten would be better for you and your home, read on to see if the Way of Cats “Bonding Differences: Cat vs. Kitten” may help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and household.

Wya of Cats writes: “I encourage the adoption of adult cats, citing how easy it is because their kitten stage is behind them. I encourage careful kitten raising, because this shapes our future cat relationship. Which is better? Both and neither. So, am I being contradictory, here? Not at all. The goal of a close relationship remains the same. It’s only the paths which differ.”

You can read the rest of Cat vs Kitten on the Way of Cats here.

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