My name is Doodlebug!

Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Long Beach, Mississippi - Doodlebug
Photo 1 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Long Beach, Mississippi - Doodlebug
Photo 2 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Long Beach, Mississippi - Doodlebug
Photo 3 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Long Beach, Mississippi - Doodlebug
Photo 4 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Long Beach, Mississippi - Doodlebug
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I'm being cared for by:
Yorkie Haven Rescue - MS

Facts about Doodlebug

  • Breed: Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier
  • Color: Silver & Tan (Yorkie Colors)
  • Age: Senior
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Female
Adoption Fee: $100

Fostered in Texas

Age: 11 years years

Weight: 5.4 lbs.

8/8/16 - Doodlebug is going to need a home with no small children, a laid back environment, no active pets, and a mom that understands that she is her own girl. She is not a fan of men at all and will try to bite at them. We assume that a man has really worked her over in her life. To that end, a home with just a mom would be better.

She has a great appetite and eats canned food twice daily. She does like the occasional treat, but will not beg for them. Her favorite past time is sleeping in the bed, under the covers. As long as she has steps or a ramp to get up, she will go off and get in the bed by herself and snuggle up under the covers. She does pretty well with pottying, but will still have occasional accidents. They are mainly number 2 accidents. She will go outside when brought, but isn’t a fan of grass, so basically will go in the landscaping or on concrete. She will also use the potty pads, mainly for tinkling and has been known to poop on them, but will sometimes poop in other areas as well. Oops!

She does like to be close to her human and would sit with them on the sofa if there are steps to get up there. She does not like to be picked up or to be “patted on”. For some reason these things scare her and she will nip. She will make an audible exhalation noise and tense up when you “pat” her as if it hurts and she is anticipating being hurt. That’s really rather easy though. She is fine getting around on her own and will come to you when she wants, so there is no need to pick her up. As long as there are stairs, she is self-sufficient.

She has been known to kiss your hand, but isn’t a huge kisser like most yorkies. She can be very loving at times, but can also be pretty stand-offish at other times. Depends on her mood. Women!! Lol

She will bark if she hears loud noises. It’s as if she is trying to let everyone know to quiet down and keep order in the house.

For whatever she has been through, DB is timid and scared, but tries to cover it up by acting more cocky. If she goes into a household that already has an existing dog that is laid back and doesn’t want to play with her, she is fine. If another pup comes in, she lets them know that she wants things her way and was there before them. She

DB is just a little sweet baby that has a little eccentric personality. This is not her fault and is the result of humans in her past life. Now, she just needs a mom that understands her and lets her be her, but still loves her.

10/28/15 - Doodlebug was given up by her last family when family members had to move in with children and she isn’t a fan of the kids. She will be 10 years old in November, but is in very good shape for an older girl. She only had a few teeth pulled during her last dental and she’s been spayed and will have her stitches removed on October 29th. She has taken her meds like a champ and lets Foster Mom put drops in her ears just fine. Although she will try to bury that ear in the pillow to avoid it, but when FM catches that ear sticking up, it goes right in without a fuss! She loves cheese for a treat and is quite fond of soft chew treats. She will go right into her kennel or X-pen if she knows there are treats in it for her.

Doodlebug likes a quiet low key environment. She is very attached to her human and has a tendency to protect them by snapping at anyone she doesn’t know and who invades her domain (which is the entire house). She does NOT like to be picked up especially by someone she does not know! She will come get in your lap or sit by you, but since she is so independent, it is on her own terms. She isn’t a kisser, so you won’t have to worry about your face being licked.

Doodlebug is fine with other dogs but will try to establish her dominance by humping them once she warms up to being around them. A quick squirt with the water bottle will change her mind about bugging them though.

She loves sleeping with her humans and cuddling in pillows. Most of the time you can’t find her because she’s buried herself under a blanket. She does not like going out in the grass, but she will do her business on the concrete or rocks. She isn’t shy in the protection department and will be quick to bark at noises, but quiets down when asked to

She has had some separation anxiety issues upon FM leaving the house, but that has gotten better as well. She gets EXTREMELY excited when FM comes home – so FM has been working with her on this – since she’s getting better with the separation anxiety, we anticipate good results with the return excitement as well.

Doodlebug is a sweet girl who just happens to be a senior in numbers. She will make someone very happy that wants an baby to love and love them back, but doesn’t want to be smothered at all times.

10/18/15 - BIO COMING SOON!

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