My name is Taj *URGENT*!

Hound (Unknown Type) Dog for adoption in Rockleigh, New Jersey - Taj *URGENT*
Photo 1 - Hound (Unknown Type) Dog for adoption in Rockleigh, New Jersey - Taj *URGENT*
Photo 2 - Hound (Unknown Type) Dog for adoption in Rockleigh, New Jersey - Taj *URGENT*
Photo 3 - Hound (Unknown Type) Dog for adoption in Rockleigh, New Jersey - Taj *URGENT*
Photo 4 - Hound (Unknown Type) Dog for adoption in Rockleigh, New Jersey - Taj *URGENT*
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I'm being cared for by:
Rescue Without Borders- Rockleigh, NY

Facts about Taj *URGENT*

  • Breed: Hound (Unknown Type)
  • Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut - With White
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
Taj is an Indian Pariah dog aka Indian Native/Desi dog who was rescued from the streets of India and flown to the U.S. for a chance at adoption. Please scroll at the bottom to get details on this breed.

Handsome Taj is named after the one of the Wonders of the World- The Taj Mahal of India!

Taj is around 9 months old stunning IN Dog. He is up to date on all vaccinations and also neutered. Taj is a smart dog who knows basic commands. He is house trained, crate trained, leash trained and only chews his toys. Taj is a confident and friendly dog. He is extremely affectionate and loyal to humans but slow to warm up to stranger and can be cautious around them, but once he knows them he gains their trust easily. Taj is a high energy dog who enjoys the outdoors and likes to go for long walks. He likes bike rides and can run along side his partner on a bike. Taj likes to meet other dogs outside of the home environment, example dog parks. He is very sociable and playful with other dogs at dog parks but can get territorial in his own house with other dogs. Taj has not got an opportunity to meet a cat so we are unsure about how he would react to cats.

A suitable home environment for Taj would be where he is the only pet in house hold. He needs to be exercised and be with someone who's active daily. A home with older children is preferred.
An experienced dog owner is the best who can train, walk and exercise Taj since he is such a smart, fun dog who is full of energy. A fenced in back yard where Taj can lounge in the Sun and run around and play would be great!

Taj was born in a small college campus in India. Most of his litter mates died getting run over by cars. But lucky Taj caught the attention of a student who kept him safe in her dorm room. Taj was rescued as a tiny puppy and lived in a home ever since. He now deserves a forever home to love and care for him.

Please email if you are interested in adopting Taj.

Information on the Indian Native Dog breed:
IN (Indian Native), Desi (Local) or Pariah Dog is a pure, ancient, indigenous dog of India that abounds the Indian streets. A long time ago, thousands of years before the arrival of modern pure breeds, a race of dogs much like this one inhabited the Indian subcontinent. These were the very first domesticated dogs and Man's earliest animal companions. It has evolved entirely through natural selection without human intervention of any kind resulting into a very hardy, extremely intelligent, alert and independent thinking dog.

This is a natural breed of dog that is pure in a true sense and how nature intended a dog to be; hence they are way superior to the artificially developed man made breeds that we call pure breeds today. Its origin dates back 12,000 to 15,000 years – older than any other breed. This is a natural primitive breed which is a direct descendant of the early domesticated dogs. These dogs are found to be genetically healthy with no known genetic diseases and a very strong immune system. They are perfectly adapted for survival; a free-roaming life on the street for these dogs is always difficult and often hostile and hence requires high order of intelligence, quick and independent thinking to survive. On the streets it is the survival of the fittest, usually out of a litter some will get run over by cars while others will succumb to hunger and malnutrition. Only the most hardiest and intelligent ones will survive to produce off springs. When this survivor is adopted as a Pet, their owners are often awe struck with their beauty, grace, intelligence, loyalty and hardiness.

They are highly adaptable, quick learners and versatile and are known to be even smarter and definitely calmer than the intelligent Border Collies. They are very agile and excel at many dog sports such as agility and also make great jogging/running companions and can be even faster than Grey Hounds. While active outdoors, they are usually very calm and quiet indoors. They have tremendous stamina and hence need an active family who will take them for a daily brisk walks or a run.
IN Dogs are sensitive by nature and do not respond well to harsh training methods and hence need an even tempered, gentle but firm and loving owner who knows how to calmly and consistently communicate the rules of the house.
These dogs love children and are known to have a calm and gentle demeanor around them. They bond strongly with their people and make an excellent family pet that is very loving, loyal and intelligent. These dogs do not bark much but are always alert; they are friendly yet wary of strangers and make good watch dogs.

IN Dogs are low maintenance dog as they are generally very healthy and like to stay clean; they hardly shed and have virtually no doggy odor. Their smooth, fine short hair coat is easy to groom. They have an all-weather coat that allows them to easily adapt to different weather conditions.
A well-looked after pet IN dog will rarely need to see a vet and may live a healthy life of up to the age of 12 – 16 years.

This is a medium size dog with an average height of 20-25 inches (51-64 cms) at the shoulder and generally weigh about 28-55 pounds (12 – 22 kgs).
They are found in all colors and variation with erect or floppy ears; however, a typical IN Dog usually will have erect ears, a wedge-shaped head and a tail that curls over its back. Most IN Dogs are similar in appearance to other prehistoric dogs like the Australian Dingos.

In the last couple of years, we have successfully rescued, rehabilitated and found homes over 200 IN dogs throughout the Northeast United States and more recently in the West coast.

Please visit our Face book page to see the IN dogs adopted through our rescue.

About Rescue Without Borders- Rockleigh, NY

About Our Rescue Group...

Rescue Without Borders (R.W.B.) is a small animal rescue based in NJ that rescues animals in need domestic and abroad.

Our Motto- Every Dog Deserves a Good Home, No matter what breed or where they come from.

Love knows no boundaries. We do not discriminate; we will rescue the Underdogs, be it in the U.S. or abroad.
Currently we are focusing our rescue efforts on two types of Under Dogs- The American Staffordshire/Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull mix that we pull from the local shelters in the U.S; and on the international front the dogs from the streets of India called the Pariah Dogs, IN (Indian Native) Dogs or Desi Dogs.
R.W.B. family believes in opening our hearts and homes to the abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats irrespective of their location, age, sex, breed or size.

We rescue animals from terrible conditions and hence have them live with their foster family for couple of weeks during which time they receive not only veterinary care but also socialization and training. Since our rescued pets live with us for a long time we get to know them intimately which enable us to place them in a forever home that is just right for them. We can help you choose a dog to adopt based on whether his personality is a good match for you and your household/lifestyle.

Our foster pets' health is our priority #1. We do not spare any expense when it comes to caring for our rescued pets. They not only get best veterinary care for their specific medical needs, timely vaccinations, vitamins and high quality nutritious food but we also do a blood and stool test to ensure that they are completely healthy prior to adoption. All our rescued pets that are six months and older are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Our international rescued pets fly to the U.S. with an International Health Certificate, medical paperwork and required documents. They are all healthy and Vet checked prior to adoption.

Our rescue also focuses on educating foster parents, adopters and others on importance of feeding nutritious food, socialization, training and daily exercise of their pet. Spay/Neuter to prevent unwanted litters of both dogs and cats is paramount.

We are very proud to be a Rescue without borders. So, what does it mean to be a rescue without borders?
We rescue and adopt within the U.S. irrespective of state borders, but now you may be wondering, why India? What would be the reason to bring dogs from another country when there are so many homeless dogs in the U.S.? Typically in India, dogs that are born on the streets are not kept as family pets. Most people cannot afford to keep a dog as a pet and those who do prefer a western breed as a status symbol. So these street dogs spend their entire lives on the streets in miserable conditions with no chance of ever finding a home.

We work hard to make people aware of the plight of homeless dogs in the local shelters and also in the developing countries like India. We focus our rescue efforts specifically on the dogs that are unable to survive on the streets; like orphaned pups, injured, sick or abandoned dogs. Pups born on the streets have little chance of survival where they most often get killed by vehicles or are victims of cruelty or die of hunger and malnutrition. We rescue, rehabilitate and bring these animals to good health and give them a chance at finding loving homes where they can live a happy, healthy and a safe life which otherwise would never be possible living on the streets. The average life span of these dogs on the street is well under five years during which time they suffer the effects of poor nutrition, harsh weather conditions and abuse from people. However as a house pet they become happy, loving, gorgeous companion dogs where they live a healthy life of 16+ years. On the streets it is the survival of the fittest so Indian Pariah IN/Desi dogs are born to be extremely hardy, intelligent and quick learners - if they weren't they wouldn’t survive on the streets!

In the 5 past year we have successfully rescued, rehabilitated and founds homes for over 250 streets dogs of India throughout the Northeast.

We also rescue our own Underdogs the Pit bulls or Pit bull type dogs from kill shelters in the U.S. and find them right homes where they will thrive as family companions. Through our rescue work we educate and raise awareness to dispel the misconception about this breed.

Come Meet Our Pets...

We are a Rescue not a Shelter and hence we do not have a physical location. All our adoptable pets are in various foster homes in different states/country.

If you are interested in meeting any of our pet please email us at to make an appointment to visit them in their foster homes.

Our Adoption Process...

We want to ensure that not only the pet that we rescue goes to a good home, but also the dog that the family is wanting to adopt is right for them. When there is a good match between the two the adoption is successful and everyone involved is happy.

To ensure successful adoption, we adhere to the following adoption process-

When you see a pet that you like please email us at As soon as we get your email we will answer any questions you might have and also email you an Adoption Application. After we receive a completed Adoption application back from you, we will give you a call to discuss your application, give you more information and answer your questions. Once all your references are checked and your application is approved we will set up an appointment for you to meet the pet in his/her foster home. After meeting the pet if you decide to adopt, you can then go ahead and official adopt the pet by filling out an Adoption Contract. You might be able to take the pet home with you the same day but we reserve the right to a home visit either before or after the adoption to ensure that the pet goes to a good home. After adoption we keep in touch with the family to provide any support needed to ensure that the pet is transitioned into their new home and the adoption is a success.

We believe training helps ensure sucessful adoption. A well behaved dog is a happy dog in a happy home. Attending formal obedience training classes with your dog is a must. It not only teaches the new dog to know the rules of the house but also helps establish a bond with their new people.

Please note that the adoption donation requested defers for every pet and is higher for the dogs rescued from India due to the cost of transportation and medical cost incurred in rescuing that pet. Please inquire about the adoption fees/donation at the beginning of the adoption process.