My name is Deuce!

Great Dane Dog for adoption in Manassas, Virginia - Deuce
Photo 1 - Great Dane Dog for adoption in Manassas, Virginia - Deuce
Photo 2 - Great Dane Dog for adoption in Manassas, Virginia - Deuce
Photo 3 - Great Dane Dog for adoption in Manassas, Virginia - Deuce
Photo 4 - Great Dane Dog for adoption in Manassas, Virginia - Deuce
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I'm being cared for by:
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue, Virginia Chapter

Facts about Deuce

  • Breed: Great Dane
  • Color: Black
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more
  • Sex: Male
Deuce is a 5 year old black Dane. He is a medium to big Dane and beautiful black with little white paws. Deuce is a Velcro Dane and will love his new owner unconditionally. HE LOVES other animals – ALL of them – size, shape, kind. They bring him great comfort. He does need a quiet “normal” routine schedule. Since he has been bounced around a fair amount, if something changes – it really makes him uneasy. Deuce is a bit nervous and with some basic training he will do great. We have him on some wonderful holistic meds to help with the anxiety and he has responded very well.

Deuce would do best with a very quiet family (with no kids) and a house that doesn’t have a lot of activities. He wants to love, watch TV (on the sofa), go for walks, and LOVE!!!!!

He crates well but he will want to be with his owners when they are home.

His anxiety can be managed with the right surroundings and reinforcement and encouragement from his owners. He just needs to know the world is right and he is loved.
Deuce is a very sweet boy, loves animals and just needs a caring gentle person to help him see the grass is greener and the flowers smell great. Deuce came to MAGDRL in March. (5)

Updated 7/20/2016
Deuce is a 6 year old, medium size black male and adjusted well with his foster mom and sister. He loves his foster family, making them laugh with his playful goofiness. He takes a brisk walk every day at his favorite spot, the local cemetery where there are few distractions and beautiful views. Daily walks keep his muscles tone and joints loose. After the walk, he loves a comfortable seat on the couch with his blanket, pillow, and teddy bear. He goes to the bathroom on command and knows basic command words. Deuce respects the boundaries of a baby gate around the kitchen and stays on his side of the bed at night. Deuce enjoys baths but does not like his nails clipped. He does not care for chew toys but love his stuffed teddy bear. Whether he is happy, sad, or nervous, the bear serves as a form of comfort. He rides well in the car and crates well for short periods of time. He attends daycare one in awhile but prefers to be the only dog in a very quiet home. He does not like noise from appliances or the vacuum but progressively barks less with exposure. He does not easily warm up to people that come to the house or walk in public. With the right direction or redirection, he would be less aggressive towards strangers. He does love other animals, though is sometimes uneasy around cats. Once strict routine is established and lots of positive attention is given, he will make a loving companion.
Updated 9/28/16
Deuce’s foster was not able to keep him any longer so he is at our kennel and looking for a new foster home or better yet his forever home. Deuce is adjusting well to his new routine and is enjoying being able to play with all the other dogs. He takes great comfort in his stuffed animals, they are his prize possession. Since coming back to the kennel we have seen improvement in his social skills. He is now confident enough to be able to warm up to people much quicker than before. It is still on his time table but he has improved greatly. He does suffer from anxiety and will bark when he goes back in his kennel and left along. For this reason, I do not think he is a good fit for an apartment. A single family home with a yard is what we will be looking for. Deuce is very routine oriented and would do best in a quiet home where someone is home a lot and also likes to follow a routine. Given the right situation, Deuce could really thrive and be a fantastic companion.

Update October 31
First, this guy is SMART! In his short time with his new foster he has already learned to pick up his "baby" from the yard, sit and stay before we come in. He is going on daily walks and has encountered a lot of people and traffic with no problems whatsoever. He is territorial and pulls on a leash so his foster Mom is working on that. He does bark when he is inside and we think he has used the barking to get what he wants without consequence and is now used to it. With patience and consistency, we are hoping this will subside. He is so, so sweet, happy and a YOUNG 6.
Deuce is now going to daycare and enjoying himself and wearing himself out. He needs a chance to relax and play and be a dog and this is proving to be a great thing for him. He loves to play with his buddies. His foster Mom is seeing more of his personality and he is a total sweetheart and a big goofball. He definitely wants to be next to me at all times....he is a tur Velcro Dane.

Update November 17
Deuce has settled into a daily routine of going to daycare during the week and sleeping in on the weekends. At first he was leery of day care but now he walks right in with no hesitation. He is still overly excited when he goes home at the end of the day but a few laps around the yard usually works out any extra energy.
Since he is so smart, he needs tasks to keep him occupied. He must sit before he gets food, gets to come inside or go in the car, etc. In the mornings, he can get anxious to leave so he is kept occupied by telling him to find his baby. There are several babies and he gathers them all and occasionally takes them with him outside or in the car.
He has gained independence and will stay on the sofa or in bed as opposed to following me constantly. He needed me to sit by him while he ate at first so this is a huge step. He takes some time to warm up to a new environment but patience and structure are key.
He is territorial at home and in the car which we are still working on. However, he has been on walks downtown, to the dog park, and the pet store with no aggressive barking.
He will sometimes slip back into barking to get what he wants but as soon as he's given a command it stops.
He loves to cuddle and put his head in my lap. He has a true Dane personality and will sit on laps, do zoomies, and romp around like a puppy. He loves my cat but she steers clear of him to his frustration! He's not a counter surfer or chewer unless frustrated. He only chewed once and that was the first time I crated him. He's been fine since then.
With consistency and patience, he is an amazing dog. He is very trainable and I'm constantly surprised at what he comprehends. Oh and he is just so darn cute....I find it myself laughing out loud at him eveUpdated January 17
Deuce is really improving with his socialization skills. We regularly go to the dog park, pet store, and outdoor social gatherings. He doesn't bark at other people or other dogs. The only problem is his love of stuffed animals. On occasion, he'll try to sneak one out of the store. Luckily, he's too big to be very sneaky.

He needs to make initial contact with humans and it is best if they just ignore him while he investigates. Most people are so in awe of his size that this isn't a problem. It doesn't hurt that he's such a handsome boy. Once he has sniffed out everyone, he allows petting and will play with other dogs. He has the energy of a 2-year-old and would probably do well with a moderately active adult or with another dog (preferably female). I do feel he gets lonely and easily bored when he is unable to get out to play or to the dog park.

I am still working on the door ritual and he still barks quite a bit. However, I honestly am having trouble remembering what his other issues or quirks were. He loves daycare and will lean on his caretakers there. When we first tried he would fight going in and whine and bark while there. Now he is comfortable with the people and the location. Given that his daycare is in an animal hospital this is quite the feat. Everyday he interacts with strangers there when we arrive and leave and does not bark at them. His confidence has improved so much that he seems like a different dog. He no longer barks or whines to get what he wants.

I believe he will become attached to his new family as he is with me and may be timid or "clingy" at first. Now that he is comfortable with me he is more independent than a true Velcro Dane. He usually has a very stoic look on his face but really is a huge cuddle bug. He loves affection and will ask for it if he doesn't think he's getting enough by making this low growly noise or a paw in the lap. He will also "put me to bed" if he feels it's time. He picks up a baby (a.k.a. stuffed animal) and circles me before going to the bedroom. At first, I was confused by this behavior. Then I followed him and he got in bed and just looked at me as if I should be doing the same. So I did and he curled up next to me and that was that.

Deuce's forever family is going to be truly lucky. He will definitely entertain you but most of all you will feel loved.

Updated February 12
Deuce is now spending a couple days a week playing with other dogs during the day. He has lots of energy and loves socializing with other animals.

When I first met Deuce it took a few minutes for him to warm up to me and he barked quite a bit. Yesterday, we went to a pet store where he got lots of attention and really enjoyed his giant bone! Later at the dog park I saw a true breakthrough. He initiated contact with two different men for affection. He has NEVER done this and I honestly had tears in my eyes while I watched him.

We are still working on his barking at the door but what a treat to see him becoming social with humans as well.

Even though he's considered a senior, he still needs exercise every day and preferably another dog to play with. I'm convinced his birthdate is wrong!!

He loves cuddle time and will let you know if he hasn't had enough affection. He still puts me to bed at night and still loves his babies and will walk and round. house with them.
ry day.


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