My name is Pearl and Amethyst!

Lovebird for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Pearl and Amethyst
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Florida Parrot Rescue

Facts about Pearl and Amethyst

  • Breed: Lovebird
  • Color: Blue
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: Pearl and Amethyst
Hi! My name is Amethyst and my best buddy is Pearl! I’m the pretty blue and purple one with a black head, Pearl is a gorgeous cream color with a slight teal green that's hard to see in pictures. We are two very young (around six months) lovebirds! We are bonded to each other and come as a package deal :)

Pearl is kinda fidgety and neither of us are very tame YET but our foster daddy has experience with untame lovebirds so he’s very optimistic that we will be friendly to people! Right now, even though we will come out of our cage if given the chance, we are very skittish of humans. Our foster daddy continues to work with us on this, showing us that humans can be trusted and loved.

Our daddy has transitioned us to Roudybush nibbles, which is much better than that seed diet we were on!. He hopes that soon we will try fresh fruits and veggies. Would you consider adopting us? We are so young, I know we could learn to be wonderful, friendly companions with someone willing to be patient and show us lots of love. Why don't you come meet us and you can see for yourself how cute we are? We dont have many toys right now so maybe you can look at our wishlist? We have toys and food on there. Here is the link:

All gifts are very appreciated. (Pearl got confused and gave the nice lady who set up our wish list the wrong name. The Amazon link says Opal and Amethyst but it's really for Pearl and I) Thank you!!

We hope to meet you soon!
Love, Amethyst and Pearl

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Lovebirds $15.00
Cockatiels $25.00
Quaker Parrots: $50
Parrotlets, Indian Ringnecks: $75
Conures: $125
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Pionus, Amazons, Miniature Macaws (Hahns, Severe, Illigers, Yellow-Collared), Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Bare-Eyes): $275
Eclectus Parrots: $325
African Greys: $400
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