My name is Buster Brown!

German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Ravenna, Texas - Buster Brown
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I'm being cared for by:
BAV-Braveheart Animal Volunteers

Facts about Buster Brown

  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog Mix
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn - With Black
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: Sh90
Buster Brown was saved from a kill shelter. He's very talkative and really affectionate. He needs a furever home so much.

About BAV-Braveheart Animal Volunteers

About Our Rescue Group...

We are not a full service rescue. We are a rescue that relies on networking and community involvement to supply help to needy animals to the best of our ability.
Please don’t compare us to full service rescues. I feel our rescue is unlike many other rescues due to the immediate needs we commonly are presented with in Fannin County. Again, our community of animal advocates provides the capability of our rescue to help needy stray pets to the best of our ability. There are currently no free or deferred cost public emergency hospitals that animals can be brought to in a medical emergency, unlike humans’ availability of emergency hospitals that don’t require immediate payment. We try to help in this capacity for Fannin County strays as much as we can, combined with our veterinarian’s hours of operation. Helping owners/caretakers retain pets through sterilization instead of surrendering them to the local kill shelter. We don’t consider a sick or medically compromised stray a disposable commodity; we see them as valuable family members that are perpetual children. Humans created domestic pets and therefore have a responsibility to provide care, safety, and comfort to them.

Fosters and Adoptions - We do not have a public facility. We have some fosters that volunteer their services. Many foster parents are people who have taken in strays and need help getting them sterilized and re-homed.

Care of foster pets – We provide sterilization to all that are old enough based on our veterinarian's statndards.. Rabies vaccinations to all old enough. Medical care for illness or injury. We provide advertisement for adoption in petfinder and all participating organizations. *Food can be provided to fosters’ who are in need but not on a consecutive basis. Fosters are expected to be able to feed foster pets 80 % of the time. Flea medication is not consecutive but has been supplied when available through donations.

Adoption Process – We do screening & background checks for potential adopters, allow the ability of pet to ‘pick’ their new parents, and the right of foster parent to refuse adoption if necessary. Adoption Contract is also signed and a donation of $100-150 is requested from adopters unless otherwise specified.

Urgent Medical Care-We provide needs based urgent medical care for strays found by individuals. This may include antibiotic, pain management, worming, other needed medications, x-rays, medical appliances, surgery, even euthanasia if no other choice is available for good quality of life. Some medical tests that are indicated due to symptoms may be used as well.

*Note* If individual adopts this pet, any other medical care such as vaccinations or other services are not covered by BAV, except for cat sterilization if there is a financial need in order for them to give the pet a home & stop overpopulation.

Feline Sterilization in Fannin County – Sterilization for cats & kittens are provided at a low amount to needy caretakers of the stray overpopulation, owners that have fallen on hard times, shelter cats & kittens if needed. (Caretaker is defined as an individual who does not turn away a hungry animal, feeds them, & tries to take care for any of their other needs.)

Canine Sterilization - We are limited in the ability and amount for a large number of dogs, especially due to higher cost of surgery. We provide application assistance for owners to Oklahoma Spay Network and TCAP. If the owner cannot pay the amount, we make every effort to help them pay for it. All of this is contingent on fund availability.

Referral & Networking - We refer people to for medium-large dog sterilization needs. We try to help pay for voucher price if we can get donations directly for each individual need. Other referrals for more services may be to Texoma SPCA, Our Voices Matter, FAST-Fannnin Animal Services Team for lost & found pets, Ladonia Shelter, other local rescue organizations, and rescues outside of Fannin County for placement of pets, etc. We network to all rescues nearby and outside Fannin County through facebook, direct email, and phone for needy pets. We also make every effort to get Bonham Pound animals a Voice and to promote rescue, adoption, and foster for them.

Transportation – We provide transport for needy pets to sterilization appointments and to fellow rescues that take in Fannin County strays, owner surrenders, shelter pets. *The farthest we have transported has been 2 ½ hours from Fannin County.

Other Rescue Efforts- We have unusual circumstances in which a pet has been abandoned but we cannot take in immediately. We care for these animals on site, try to get rescues to take them in, and transport to rescues willing to take them. We can also keep overnight for some cats inside my home in separate room, for dogs in a 10x6 kennel w/temporary dog house before being transported to rescue that has already been set up. Cat trapping is done with either owner/caretaker help with alternative less stressful appliances or with large cat traps. **We do not like to use regular cat traps due to the stress the feline undergoes & the propensity for it to hurt itself attempting to free themselves. It is a last resort. We do not have dog traps available, so are only able to use persuasion, food, & patience.

Donations - We receive donations from the public. 99 % of these monetary donations go directly to our account at our rescue’s veterinarian in Trenton, TX, Gray’s Vet Services. We do not receive $5,000 + in donations per year, therefore we have not applied for a 501 © License which cost money that should go to animal rescue care, not the government. We request donations on facebook for particular needy animals. Those donations are used for that particular animal’s urgent need, sterilization, and Rabies vaccination, but any remainder of those donations goes to the next animal in need.

Considerations – Demands for special treatment and complaints that we did not fully accomplish someone’s expectations are not tolerated. Nor are complaints or disrespectful behavior towards the only veterinarian that is willing to help us help the animals. Our veterinarian uses all of her skills to help animals, but she is not God. We are also, ordinary, pay check to pay check people, who have other responsibilities outside the rescue business, therefore our time is not on an hourly and daily basis. I provide my own home number to needy pet caretakers and public to further wide spread pet retention, decrease in overpopulation, and reduce the huge numbers of deaths of euthanasia in the kill shelter in the area.

Most of our rescue animals, especially cats/kittens, are already sick with a common illness, and/or debilitated with worms, starvation, injury and they must be healthy in order to receive vaccinations. We are a small rescue with very limited funds and cannot always get animals that are fostered fully vetted before adopted. We rely of fosters to help financially if possible, and any vaccinations that have not been done previous to an adoption are expected to be completed by the adopter. We cannot fully vet each animal completely one vet trip. It often takes several before we are able to afford all the necessary vaccinations. Dogs are given top priority with Rabies vaccinations. Pups need Parvovirus vaccinations ASAP due to the virulent and deadly nature of the disease. Cats/kittens need the full 7 n 1 shot to protect them from extremely aggressive and virulent illnesses such as Panleukopenia.

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Fosters and Adoptions - We do not have a facility. We have our president and vice president who foster the majority of pets and fosters that volunteer their services. But most foster parents are people who have taken in strays and need help getting them sterilized and re-homed.

Once an adoption application is processed, we make an appt for a home visit with the pet of your choice to see if both parties are right for each other.

Our Adoption Process...

Please send an email of inquiry to and we will send you an adoption application. And we will contact you within 48 hours.

If you don't recieve and email from us within 48 hours, please check your spam folder or call us at 903-449-4174. Thank you.

Our adoption process starts with a questionaire and a review of our adoption criteria. The most important thing to us is placing a pet in the right home, not just any home. Our adoption fees are based on pet, specials, and medical costs and the adoption donation renews costs of fostering animals so we can continue helping other animals to be fostered and medically cared for. A legal promissory agreement contract is signed by adopters and fosters.