My name is Weeble!

Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Hampton, Illinois - Weeble
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Hampton, Illinois - Weeble
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Hampton, Illinois - Weeble
Photo 3 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Hampton, Illinois - Weeble
Photo 4 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Hampton, Illinois - Weeble
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Pawlicious Pet Rescue

Facts about Weeble

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Color: White (Mostly)
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Short
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Important Note

Weeble is best friends with Wobble. Please adopt both of them so they can stay together!
Weeble and Wobble are now officially up for adoption! They are now 7 months old and ready to find their forever family. They are siblings who have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which we will explain at the end of their adoption stories. These two are on the moderate side of the spectrum.

Weeble, the brown and white tabby, is a female who is adventurous! She doesn’t let something like CH stand in the way of her wanting to check everything out. Her favorite toys are crinkle balls, and she loves attention. She is the more outgoing one of the two. But don’t get us wrong, she loves to cuddle, too! She will purr away in your arms or on your lap while getting pet. Weeble can stand and walk on carpet, but only for a few steps. If she falls, she will get back up and try. She is extremely determined to walk.

Both Weeble and Wobble are determined to overcome CH and learn to walk in their own ways. They can get to their food and water bowls to eat and drink and are able to use a tall sided litter box without assistance. What they lack in coordination, they make up for in unconditional love. They have not learned to climb on to furniture…yet. But if they do begin to get on furniture (on their own or with help), watch them closely as they really like to walk right off and they cannot land on their feet.

Their preferences in their forever home:

- They MUST go together and never be separated. If you even take one out of the room without the other, they will cry out for each other.

- They would prefer a one-story home so they do not have any steps in the way of their adventures, but a multi-story home would be okay if their new forever family is willing to block off the stairs. They have never encountered stairs before, so they would fall down them. They will most likely be able to master stairs after a while as long as their new family is willing to teach them.

- Other cats would be okay, but they will be hissing and spitting at them for a while. It will take an introductory period and patience by the new family (both human and fur) for them to realize that the other cat(s) mean no harm. The only cat they have met decided she hated them.
- Calm dogs would be okay, but they will most likely hiss and spit at them for a bit, too. Again, an introductory period and patience will be needed. Hyper dogs are not recommended as Wobble can get overwhelmed and they are unable to move out of the way of stomping paws quickly.

- No young children. While we know young children would love and dote all over them, the energy, quick movements, and noise will overwhelm Wobble. When overwhelmed, he starts growling and hissing at everyone, even his own sister. He became overwhelmed at the end of one of the videos, so we stopped our photo and video shoot then. There were too many people and other animals watching. We believe he gets overwhelmed because he tries to watch all of the action and keep up, but is unable to do so and he gets frustrated.

Weeble and Wobble are both altered, up to date on shots, and healthy. They have made great strides in adapting to their CH and will continue to do so as they grow and get older. They are both very determined to walk eventually and very loving. Their adoption fee is $100 for both. They are located in the Quad Cities on the Illinois side. If you are interested, please message us! We will require a pre-adoption application to be filed out (which can be done electronically) to be sure that they are going to the best home possible.

What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)? CH happens when the cerebellum does not fully develop before birth. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that is responsible for fine motor skills and coordination. CH occurs when the mother contracts Panleukopenia while pregnant (which is not passed on to the kittens), has trauma, or malnutrition during the pregnancy.

CH is NOT contagious nor is it painful to the animal. It may look painful to you at first, but they feel no pain from it. CH cats can live just as long as cats without CH, and they are just as happy and loving. They have no idea that they are different. CH does not get worse over time. It’s one of those disorders that “it is what it is”. CH does not get better, either, but the animal can learn to adapt to its disorder. For instance, when Weeble and Wobble first arrived, they were unable to move very far so they could not make it to the litter box and had to use puppy pads. They also could not drink water without assistance. They have grown and adapted and neither of them have trouble with the litter box or drinking water on their own anymore.

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