My name is Chaz!

American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Miami, Florida - Chaz
Photo 1 - American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Miami, Florida - Chaz
Photo 2 - American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Miami, Florida - Chaz
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I'm being cared for by:
Boo's Brigade

Facts about Chaz

  • Breed: American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Color: Brindle - With White
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
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Important Note

Chaz is best friends with Chelsea. Please adopt both of them so they can stay together!
Chaz is a gorgeous big, brindle probably American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever mix. (Other possibilities Googled are a Treeing Tennessee Brindle or/a French Cursinu mix. Google both to see photos/descriptions. The Treeing TN Brindle seems to fit most being smart and with his unique bark.)

Chaz and his sister Chelsea are a bonded pair. They were dumped right in front of me in the Redlands, the beginning of 400+ acres of nothing but barren farmland in Miami, FL where hundreds of dogs are dumped monthly. Miami is a 3rd world existence for the majority of animals be they companion or/farmed. We have tens of thousands of illegal 3rd world dwellers here with no regard for the life or feelings of sentient beings. Life in Miami is too horrible for me to even begin to explain so that you could understand.

Suffice it to say Chaz and Chelsea are a very special pair. I drive a Miata and when I saw the criminal who dumped them somehow managed to pull over, corral and get them into the front seat of my Miata (which is a 2-seater car and they are 60 lbs. and 75-80 lbs.) and drive 20+ miles home on interstate without them interfering once. I didn’t know them, they didn’t know me, yet they were calm and well behaved. Never once did I fear for my life or driving skills.
Once home I soon found Chaz gets along with everybody and everything. Chelsea, however, is other animal aggressive. And so sadly I’ve had to separate them from the rest of my fosters. Were I able to choose what 2 dogs I’d most like to keep out of all it would be Chaz and Chelsea.
Chaz is an absolute LOVE. All he wants in life is to be with his human. He lives for human contact and love. So much so to the point that initially he had separation anxiety and could get over my 6’ wooden fence but instead of running away once out of the backyard he’d race to the front door and simply sit there waiting for me. (Chelsea would try to follow but she’s smaller and more compact than Chaz who is taller with longer legs so she couldn’t get over the fence.) Coyote rollers on the fence top solved that and now that he’s been here for awhile and feels safe and secure he’s stopped trying to escape. He knows I’ve not deserted him.

Chaz is well trained. The jerk who dumped him did a wonderful job. He listens, is SMART, housebroken, comes readily when called, and looks only to please his master. He’s a big boy at an estimated 70-75 lbs. But he’s a complete mushball and love. Chaz needs a home with his sister Chelsea where they are the only pets. They must live inside with their person or family for that’s what they want most in life. And they need a securely fenced backyard to run out their energy in and play. Late afternoon is when you can find them playing ‘battle’ and racing around the yard tackling and wrestling with each other. (They may sound like one could bite the other’s head off and then they stop and Chaz licks Chelsea’s mouth affectionately.)
Because they are big kids adults only or/a family with older teenagers is appropriate. Both jump on you when excited not meaning to hurt you but could knock over and hurt a smaller child unintentionally. They are perfect dogs if looking for a matched pair where they can be the only pets. Again Chaz gets along with all, Chelsea doesn’t, which relegates them to being only pets for whomever the lucky adopter is. Were I able to choose a pair of dogs I’ve fostered as my own this would be the two. I love them beyond words but with many other fosters cannot give them the time and attention they crave and deserve. My greatest wish is for the right person, couple or family to see them and fall in love for they truly deserve to be loved, revered, and kept healthy, safe and happy ‘til old age claims them and no magical vetting remains.
Please also see Chelsea’s description. She and Chaz have very different personalities yet each is loved for who they are as individuals as well as together as siblings. They cannot be split up. They are not only that bonded but were they separated Chelsea would have a very lonely life without another dog to keep her company when her master was at work or play on his/her own. These 2 thrive on and in each other’s company, safety and love. This pair will do well with adults who are active, or a family with older teens, who’ll make Chaz and Chelsea full family members with all the privileges and benefits of belonging to said family. If you’re looking for two perfect BIG dogs look no further. This pair is amazing!

About Boo's Brigade

About Our Rescue Group...

I founded Boo's Brigade to rescue after one of my rescued fosters who never got adopted died of cancer. I continue rescuing in his memory and honor. I rescue one or two at a time from the streets and Redlands (farm land) where people dump pets, and from Miami's horrendous kill shelter because our mayor Carlos Gimenez refuses to fund The Pet's Trust we passed with 65% voter approval in 2012. The trust would fund 120,000 Spay/Neuter surgeries annually for 5-years along with low cost clinics, transportation, education, meaningful grants to no kill rescues doing the back breaking work the kill shelter and mayor should be doing and aren't. Instead the kill shelter director Alex Munoz lies claiming he's achieved 93% 'no kill' when he fudges numbers by REFUSING pets shelter entry causing people to dump pets outside. We have hundreds of stray dogs and tens of thousands (estimated more than half a million) homeless cats suffering from exposure, hunger, disease, cars, attacks by other animals, being used as bait animals, poison, guns, torture - Miami, FL is a 3rd world environment for animals. Even majestic horses are stolen and carved up fully alive and conscious by heinous criminals and purchased by just as evil people for consumption. I do what I can as one individual to alleviate animals' suffering and educate to the great need we have for lifelong commitments to pets and to adopt, NOT perpetuate the agony and abuse puppy mill dogs live when people purchase from pet stores and breeders. ADOPT - DON'T SHOP. We need so much help in Miami, FL. Please look at all the rescues operating here on Adopt A Pet and on Face Book! We have hundreds of pets with hundreds more waiting their turn to be saved but we need adoptions to have room for them. Thank you.

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