My name is Bob!

Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Midlothian, Virginia - Bob
Photo 1 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Midlothian, Virginia - Bob
Photo 2 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Midlothian, Virginia - Bob
Photo 3 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Midlothian, Virginia - Bob
Photo 4 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Midlothian, Virginia - Bob
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I'm being cared for by:
Lab Rescue LRCP - Richmond VA

Facts about Bob

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Color: Black
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 170018
Bob is a 4-year-old neutered male black lab. Bob weighs 55 pounds and is up to date on shots. This dog is approved for homes with children ages 10 and up.

Fencing: Need physical fence. Not chain link as he will climb it when chasing critters.
ABSOLUTELY NO CATS, RABBITS OR OTHER SMALL CREATURES!! Bob loves small critters wayyy too much.

Bob is looking for people who like to go on face paced walks, don't mind if he watches out the back window for the rabbits and squirrels. Will feed him some yummy snacks and treats. Bob has good house manners. He doesn’t mind if you go to work. In fact he likes having some time to watch the rabbits undisturbed. He is very snuggly in bed but he doesn’t get up there until invited. He knows sit, down, and paw. He especially likes paw. He is not interested in toys so you won’t need to buy toys or pick up after him. He is a bit shy and he is used to a quiet home. He prefers to spend time with people he knows and be in fairly quiet places.

Jul 30, 2017: Bob is a happy and affectionate guy now that he had some time to settle in. He loves going for walks and dances and prances the moment you touch the leash. On walks he keeps a good pace and he will pull when he sees a critter worthy of chasing! He is a smart guy. His foster dad started using the back door. After two walks he now heads to the back door for outings! In the house, Bob is mostly a low key and quiet guy except for pre-walk excitement, when he hears or sees something he feels the need to comment on, and when he sees rabbits or squirrels in the yard. He is not sure about ceiling fans, flashlight, and such and he will let you know. Bob loves treats and he will show you his sit, paw, and down commends. He is happy to repeat the tricks if you have more treats! Bob loves to be with his humans and snuggles nicely in bed. He waited to be asked to get n the bed but now knows it is his place. Bob does not like when others touch his food bowl so he would do best in an adult-only and solo dog household.

Jul 13, 2017: What people say about Bob:
Midday Dog Walker: He’s a very good boy. A little shy/hesitant when I first come in but then warms up. He’s a sweet dog.
Foster Dad: He is a smart dog. He learned a new trick today.
Neighbor: After a few minutes, warmed up nicely! Very calm and sweet!

Jul 4, 2017: Bob is blossoming! His tail is wagging more and he is more engaged with his humans. Bob is a well-mannered and low key guy in the house. He mostly just hangs out with his humans or naps and looks out the window when they are out. He gets excited when he catches view of a rabbit or squirrel out the window or when his leash comes out. Outside he is eager to chase bunnies. He loves walks and he will walk as far as you want. He sets a good pace so you will stay (get?) in shape! Bob is a bit fearful of ceiling fans and some noises so a quiet home without a lot of hubbub may be best for him. He is a snuggle bug in bed and very endearing. Bob knows some commands and he is eager to learn more. He will sit and give you his paw, and catches onto new tricks quickly.

Jun 23, 2017: Bob here. I wanted to fill you in on everything I love so you can help me find the right forever family.
1. Rabbit TV. I just love watching out the window to see the critters. I love critters.
2. Going for walks! If you pull out my leash I will dance and prance! I love walks.
3. Yummy food. Don't tell mom but dad shares his dinner with me and it is very tasty. My dinner is pretty good, too. Snacks are good, too. I love food!
4. My peeps. I am not the clingy type but at night there is nothing better than snuggling up with my peeps. I love my peeps.
5. Snoozing. A guy needs his rest. I love to take a nap.

Here is what I need in a forever set up:
1. I want a fenced yard so I can chase rabbits and chipmunks. With the current set up the humans are on the other end of the leash and they just aren't fast enough. The rabbits are laughing at me.
2. A quiet home. I am not a party guy. I would like a quiet human or two and a yard. I have lived with other dogs and I don't mind it.
3. I also don't mind if the humans have to go to work. Someone needs to pay for the kibble and that way I can watch Rabbit TV without being disturbed.
4. The humans think I should like toys, balls, and such. That is silly. I have rabbits which are way better than those stuffed toys. Just think, no toys messing up the house and no endless fetch games. I can amuse myself.
5. Mom thinks I like men. I grew up living with a guy so I like them but I like girls, too, especially if they share their dinner and take me for walks.
That is it. Pretty short list. I am easy.

Jun 18, 2017: Bob has really blossomed in his time with us. Bob is a low key dog, has good house manners, and he is friendly but not clingy. When he is hanging out he will demo his crossed legs pose which is just adorable! He does well on his own during the work day but is always glad to see you when you get home. He keeps busy watching “rabbit TV” out the back window. He loves loves loves to go for walks and dances and prances when you take out his leash and harness. He adores to chase small critters so a fenced yard that allows for such things would make him very happy. Bob sleeps soundly through the night and he is very happy to be invited to snuggle. He knows some commands, too.

Jun 10, 2017: Bob is a sweet boy who loves to be outside. He wags and wiggles when it's time to go for a walk and will take the lead on the leash if you let him. Inside he's a great companion. He follows you around because he likes to know where his humans are. He has a healthy appetite and loves when you give him treats. He even shows you tricks of sit, paw and down for them.

Jun 4, 2017: As we get to know Bob, we find he is happiest in a quiet household in a neighborhood with limited traffic. He is a country guy and has not had a lot of exposure to busy places, large groups of people, or traffic.

Jun 3, 2017: Bob gets sweeter and more affectionate as he settles in. He snuggled up for a bit in bed and rolled over for a tummy rub. He is sticking closer to me, too. Bob is very low key in the house and he is a lovely house guest! He has perfect house manners. He has a passion for squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits, and watches out the back door as though it was a very exciting TV show! He loves to go for walks and comes running with his tail wagging when I call him and he sees the leash. He will pull when he sees small critters when out on a walk. I suspect he would enjoy hanging out outside (but I don’t have a fence right now). Bob is occasionally hesitant when he hears or sees something new to him like the automatic garage door but he becomes more comfortable with a little time and encouragement. Bob had his followup test as it has been six months since he was treated for heartworm. The treatment was effective and he got a clean bill of health! He did well on his way to the vet, happily jumping in the car and sitting quietly during the drive. He was a little nervous while at the vet’s office as going in to strange places is a little scary but he quickly relaxed as soon as he was back in the car.

May 29, 2017: Bob is calm and well mannered. He enjoys affectionate but he is not clingy. He doesn't really understand playing with stuffed animals or balls but he loves to chase rabbits and squirrels! He enjoys being outside and dances when he sees his leash come out. We had a friend visit with his dog and the dogs just hung out together. Bob greeted the humans nicely, too.

May 27, 2017: Bob is very calm and quiet in the house. He will occasionally bark to let you know something is happening outside. He knows the commands sit, down, and shake a paw. He is so eager to go outside he dances at the door when you are hooking up his leash. He is good on leash except when he sees a little critter then he bounces and pulls with excitement! Bob is very snuggly at bedtime and sleeps soundly through the night until you wake up. He will hang out with you when you are home and come over to get some petting when you call him. Bob can be shy when you first meet him but he is quite affectionate once he gets to know you.

Apr 24, 2017: Bob is a very sweet, quiet boy. He loves looking out the windows and watching the world go by. He loves playing outside in the yard and really enjoys spending time frolicking in the grass. Bob enjoys playing with toys and chewing on Nylabones and especially like walks! Bob is very interested in food but he is very polite about it: he doesn't beg or countersurf. H e is a quiet dog and rarely barks inside, but may whine if there is something he wants. Bob loves his walks and he will say hello "woof" when he sees other dogs. He does have a penchant for dirty socks, so pick up after yourself. He enjoys toys and may check out your things, too.

More updates: Bob is energetic, inquisitive and alert. He is even tempered, handsome and has soft, shiny coat; feathered tail and a regal prance when he walks. He does not jump on people or get on the sofa or beds. He is friendly toward people and other dogs. He rides well in car. He likes to be pet and to be outdoors. He enjoys walks on leash, and he is house and crate trained: He is just learning to play with toys. He is quite obsessed with squirrels (chase, chase, chase!) and pulls on leash when he sees one. He does better with an Easy Walk Harness. Countersurfs some.

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