My name is StellaLuna'sLegacy!

Domestic Shorthair Kitten for adoption in Frankenmuth, Michigan - StellaLuna'sLegacy
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair Kitten for adoption in Frankenmuth, Michigan - StellaLuna'sLegacy
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair Kitten for adoption in Frankenmuth, Michigan - StellaLuna'sLegacy
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Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue

Facts about StellaLuna'sLegacy

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Color: Black (All)
  • Age: Kitten
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 413810
  • Hair: Unknown

Stella Luna is not available for adoption, but we leave her here for you to read her story and to learn from what happened to her. Stella passed away in early September 2006 and here is her story....
Stella was born to a nice mama cat at a kind familys home. They had taken Stella and her mama in and cared for them. They got Stellas mommy fixed and kept her and brought Stella to me. Stella was a very special LBK- Little Black Kitten that was born with only one eye. That didn't keep Stella down at all- she acted just like any other kitten and was extremely loving as well. My daughter loved to snuggle with Stella at the rescue and Stella loved those times as well!

Stella was put on our petfinder site, like all our adoptable animals are and rather quickly she had an inquiry about her. A nice young 21 year old girl, I'll call 'Dee'. Dee filled out the adoption forms and went through the home check and everything. I met Dee's grandmother at the adoption as well, but her Mother was never met, but I did speak to her on the phone. Within a few weeks of Stella coming to be with us, she was adopted to her new home with Dee. I received updates that all was well and Dee's other cat adored Stella and all was well.

Then in early August I received an e-mail from Dee about some family issues and that she may need to return Stella to me. Then about a week later another e-mail that Dee had been 'kicked out' of her Mom's home and that Stella had to come back to me--BUT Dee had no car or transportation to return her. Stella and the other cat were still at her Mom's, but 'SAFE' for now I was told. We planned on Stella being returned by Dee and a friend that next Saturday. They were a no-show and when I e-mailed 'What happened' Dee said she was called into work and now she doesn't know how to get Stella back to me.

I have another rescue friend that is a Doctor and works in the town where Stella was and lives close to me, she was willing to transport Stella back to me. I was sick for the month of August and am just now beginning to feel better, in fact my entire family was/is sick and I could not go get Stella because of that. So I e-mailed Dee that I had a way for Stella to return, could she contact my friend and make the arrangements to meet her? Dee's reply was that she went to get Stella and she was gone!!!!! Her mother said that she gave her to a friend at work. I reminded Dee that that was against the signed contract and that I wanted Stella back, ASAP! I also called the mother, that first lied and said 'Dee had the kitten' and then when I told her what Dee told me said 'Oh, yes I did give her to a friend at work...but you can't have that information'. That's when I began searching how to inforce my contract to get her to give me that information and to get Stella back. That's when I first posted here about it...

Then Sunday morning Dee called my cell phone in tears...her mother finally confussed that she had taken Stella (only Stella, not the other cat) to the Michigan humane society. Dee went there at 11am when they opened and I called at the same time. The operator would not give me any information and forwarded me into a managers voicemail. I left a very detailed message and asked for them to phone me after I got out of church. When I got out of church, Dee called me in hesterics, because she found out that the Michigan Humane Society had Stell PTS almost 1 1/2 weeks ago!!!!

It seems that the mother, or an agent for the mother (MHS won't clarify this point to me) took Stella and turned her in as an owner surrender. MHS is set up to take surrenders by owners or surrenders of other persons animals. The person that took Stella to them said she was theirs (a Lie). Had they told the truth, the MHS would have contacted Dee, or had they told them she was originally from a rescue they would have contacted me! Instead, because they were full and Stella was a special needs kitten they put her down almost immediately! Poor sweet Stella was never given a chance by them! She had only one eye, but a heart of Gold and truly was a very adoptable animal!

I'm very angry at Dee and her family for what happened. Dee should never have left her cats in her mothers care with such bitter family fueding going on...the mother should never have lied to Dee, myself and the MHS about Stella.....and the MHS should have given Stella a chance, if they had I would have found her in time and been able to reclaim her!

Now she has been reclaimed by God and while I know she is in a better place and for the first time has two eyes to see from and that there are many wonderful cats there to care for her , I still wish so much she could be back with me being loved by my daughter and all of us!

Had Stella been microchipped, she would have been saved. MHS scans all incoming animals, even owner surrenders. They would have found a chip linked to my rescue and contacted me, thus saving her life. This will be Stellas legacy....

Please microchip your pets to help insure their safety and return should they ever be lost or stolen! Microchipping your own pets can be cost effective and if you don't have the funds...skip a coffee a day or something and save for the only costs between $25 and $50 in my area.

I will microchip all cats leaving my rescue from this day forward and use me as the contact person. I keep records of the adoptive parents and can contact them if I'm ever contacted about one of the animals. We didn't do this up to this point because, while mircrochipping one or two pets is affordable...microchipping the forty currently in my care is not! I've begun research on a cost effective way to do the current animals in my care and will then immediately chip any newcomers! I will have to raise adoption fees to cover this, but it is so worth it to insure that what happened to sweet Stella never happens again!

To answer someones concern, I don't believe Stella ever suffered during her time here on Earth. Dee truly loved her to the best of her ability and deeply mourns her passing. MHS said she was healthly when they got her...another reason I don't understand their decision to PTS! Stellas time here was short, but I hope it was truly happy and that she knows how much I loved her and mourn her as well!

Please remember Stella Luna and her legacy and microchip your pets ASAP, if they are not already done! If you are currently searching Petfinder for a cat or kitten to join your family, please ask the rescue to microchip them before adoption or do so at your first vet visit!

God Speed Stella!

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