My name is “Einstein” Special needs!

Cockatoo for adoption in Vancouver, Washington - “Einstein” Special needs
Photo 1 - Cockatoo for adoption in Vancouver, Washington - “Einstein” Special needs
Photo 2 - Cockatoo for adoption in Vancouver, Washington - “Einstein” Special needs
Photo 3 - Cockatoo for adoption in Vancouver, Washington - “Einstein” Special needs
Photo 4 - Cockatoo for adoption in Vancouver, Washington - “Einstein” Special needs
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I'm being cared for by:
N.W. Bird Rescue

Facts about “Einstein” Special needs

  • Breed: Cockatoo
  • Color: White
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
1.) Please don’t e-mail us from this website. Please No phone calls.
2.) We will Not respond back to your e-mail or phone calls without one of our adoption applications in hand first.
3.) Please review our adoption policies found on the top of our adoption application page.
*(Application link provided below, or visit our website to view our adoption policies.)
*We will be very selective on who adopts Einstein.


**We will be very selective on who adopts Einstein.

Einstein is NOW a 25 Year old male feather plucked Umbrella Cockatoo. Einstein hasn’t attempted to pluck himself in the past few years.

We Will only place him locally. So please don’t ask to adopt him if you live more than 50 miles of Vancouver Washington. He has been with us for years and need to visit his new home before placement. So we want to be around for him if needed.
Einstein is suffering from separation anxiety. So he Must be with in site of his family constantly or he will cry out until someone returns back into his site.

Einstein is a VERY tame, sweet cuddly, baby who acts like a Spoiled brat who is as smart as his name. He also mimics his name and “Einstein” “poor Einstein” and more. He was a smothered spoiled brat whose owner died in a car accident 3 years ago. “Einstein” was given constant attention for his first 19 years. He has stopped feather picking and he does require a cuddling understanding new parent. “Einstein” looks like he is wearing a tuxedo due to his feather plucked chest. But don’t let his looks fool you; he has a Very Big Gentle Heart.
Einstein’s Special Needs are:
• Einstein will need a second cage for your bedroom. (You will need to provide the second cage.)
• Einstein needs to sleep in his new owners’ bedroom caged due to severe separation anxiety. He is a sensitive spoiled brat If you don’t let him sleep with you he will cry hours or more until you get him.
• Einstein needs to be in view of his owner most of the time or he will WHALE cry until he sees you in his sight. This was a terrible habit the first owner taught him.
• Einstein loves a large variety of fruit & veggies, and some mash potatoes, warm cereal, pasta and other safe and healthy foods.
• “Einstein” is also bit of a ham, “Einstein” likes to dance and show off and he enjoys a variety of toys and likes to be in constant view of his new owner.
Again, “Einstein” can be a bit vocal at times when you’re out of his view. Einstein needs a knowledgeable experienced Cockatoo handler who will give him plenty of attention. He is not jealous of other humans like some other Cockatoos; he just wants to please his owner.
• Only knowledgeable experienced Cockatoo handler need to apply for Einstein.
• With all of this in mind, WE WILL NOT CONSIDER placing Einstein in a Condo or Apartment. You will need to have a house. So please don’t waste your time inquiring. Pre-Home visit before placement
• “Einstein” has a large cage that he likes to be placed in view of the TV. YOU will need to provide your own bedroom sleeping cage for Einstein.
• Einstein can speak; he can say his name with a sweet voice and barks like a dog, and more.

If you are interested in adopting Einstein, please review our adoption policy found at the top of our on line adoption application page.
Please submit your adoption application online for a quick response back, please visit our website, or copy and paste this link:


About N.W. Bird Rescue

About Our Rescue Group...

A brief description of our Founder; Christopher Driggins
Since 1986 Christopher “Birdman” Driggins has been placing rescuing exotic birds and started rescuing wild bird in 1995 in Southern California. Christopher Driggins started rescuing birds on a larger scale in the fall of 1999 in Oregon City, Oregon where he started Oregon City Bird Rescue (O.B.E.R.) out of a small apartment in Oregon City Oregon. He began placing exotic parrots to the special needs individuals in the community. Christopher then expanded his bird rescue efforts and purchased a house in Vancouver Washington in the fall of 2001. Christopher then started “Birdman’s Exotic Bird Rescue and then incorporated his name to N.W.Bird Rescue & Adoption Orphanage in February of 2006. N.W. Bird Rescue is a bird welfare organization provides for the complete physical, psychological and environmental well being of the birds in the organization’s care. Christopher focused on the welfare of orphaned exotic birds in the Southwest Washington area and the Portland Oregon metro area. Christopher Driggins “N.W. Bird Rescue” is a bird welfare organization insures that whether the birds remain in a sanctuary, in rehabilitation, and are placed into adoptive or foster homes, or local wild birds are released back to their natural habitat, that the birds are continually nurtured. The bird welfare organization also provides for the general welfare of birds in the public domain by providing accurate, comprehensive and reliable educational materials and resources to the public.
The Organization provides sanctuary and cares for all birds that are exotic that are suitable for adoption or placement in foster care or for persons that have specifically requested that their birds remain in permanent sanctuary. All sanctuary birds receive the same high level of care as the birds available for adoption and foster care. Sanctuary birds are housed in species-specific rooms of our main facility and have access to outdoor flights, abundant enrichment, and psychological and environmental support on a daily basis. The facilities provide:
• A safe haven for birds that prefer not to interact with humans in a companion animal situation as well as those that need a new human companion and are available for adoption.
• A home for birds with chronic disease with supportive care and nurturance.
• Staff dedicated to meet the needs of the individual bird.
• Educational programs that focus on some of the sanctuary birds' specific needs or problems, indigenous habitats, conservation status, or social interaction to promote the parrot welfare cause
• Nurturing and care for wild birds that are injured or in some specific need of our services so that they may be returned to their natural habitat or sanctuary as quickly as possible.
The organization defines "to rescue" is to bring a bird that is in an acute, life threatening situation or is in immediate need of assistance into a safe environment to be cared for by a knowledgeable and dedicated staff committed to improving the bird's quality of life. The organization rescues:
• Birds found in deplorable conditions or in danger either by the general public, the foundation itself, or by animal control officers.
• Birds owned by owners who, because they were unable to provide a safe environment for the birds, turned the birds over to our Organization.

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