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I'm being cared for by:
Yorkie Haven Rescue, Inc. - NC

Facts about Ariel

  • Breed: Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier
  • Color: Silver & Tan (Yorkie Colors)
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Female

My name is Ariel!

Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Charlotte, North Carolina - Ariel
Photo 1 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Charlotte, North Carolina - Ariel
Photo 2 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Charlotte, North Carolina - Ariel
Photo 3 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Charlotte, North Carolina - Ariel

Ariel's Info...

I am already spayed, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.

Ariel's Story...

Fostered in North Carolina

Age: 14 years

Weight: 5.6 lbs.

5/21/14 - Ariel is doing very well for her age. Her eyesight and hearing aren't what they used to be but she gets around just fine. Her favorite things are eating and sleeping at this stage of her life. Oh yes, and we can't forget the full body massages she just adores!

11/14/12 – Ariel is doing much better these days. She had surgery on both knees a while back and had to have a second surgery on of one of them. Since the second surgery, that knee is doing better. Her knees were so bad to begin with and she has so much arthritis from not being taken care of a long time ago, that it was unknown how well surgery would help, but we had to try for her sake. She had a couple additional mammary tumors pop up, but they were removed when she went in for her second knee surgery. She has really opened up the longer she has been in foster care. She now responds to her name all the time, likes some cuddle time, loves to lay on the couch, and isn’t afraid to tell you when she needs or wants something. She will tell you when she is hungry or needs to go out and go potty. She is a very sweet little girl that finally knows love and affection and seems to be learning how to receive it.

8/20/12 - Ariel has come a long way in the past couple months. She finally got over the terrible upper respiratory infection she had, was able to be spayed and have her tumors removed, and last week had both her back knees operated on. Her tumors were not cancerous, which was great news. She has been doing fantastic since knee surgery as well. The day she came home she walked on them a little to go potty, which was fantastic because we were not sure whether she would or not given how bad they were before surgery. You can tell her left knee is painful when it is time to do her exercises, but that knee was so bad and is riddled with arthritis that it is understandable. We are very hopefully this gives her some much needed relief, but we also know the arthritis is pretty bad in both knees and unfortunately we cannot fix that. She has been such a trooper and come through so much already. You wouldn’t know she has been through so much with how happy she is to see you and to watch that tail just wag and wag. Ariel is the sweetest little girl that you cannot help but fall in love with her over and over again.

6/26/12 – Ariel has had a bit of a set back and has not been able to have her dental or mammary surgery yet. She has been battling an upper respiratory infection and after having x-rays yesterday it looks like she may have the start of pneumonia with stuff building up around her lungs. So we are changing her antibiotics and will check again on Thursday and hopefully she will be improving. She also has dry eye right now, so we have added some eye medicine to her regimen. Please keep Ariel in your thoughts and prayers and we all hope she gets better soon.

6/13/12 - Hi. My name is Ariel and YHR rescued me from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a beautiful girl and my previous owners appeared to take notice, because from the looks of my tummy I have spent the better part of my life having puppies. I did not receive the care I required in my lifetime so YHR is going to do lots of cool stuff for me starting next week. Let's see next week I get my teeth cleaned and at the same time the dogtor is going to remove and biopsy the small number of mammary tumors I have on my belly. After my dental and mammary tumors are removed I get to rest for about two weeks and then back to the dogtor I go. I have a lot of pain when I walk right now because of luxating patellas on my hind legs. If you can imagine it was hard having puppies when I could barely walk but now bad arthritis has set in too. So when I go back to the dogtor I will have surgery to fix my luxating patellas, and I will be able to walk without pain again in who knows how long. With all this going on you can be sure I'm still a sweet little girl. My foster mom and dad are going to take great care of me and will work hard to find me the best home in the whole wide world!! Please pray that the next month or so is good to me!! Later 'gator!!

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About Our Rescue Group...

Yorkie Haven Rescue Group is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit and was founded in 2006. Our caring volunteers share their many talents to ensure that all yorkies we rescue from "throwaway land" are safe and can live their lives in a loving, healthy and safe environment - a haven where they will be forever loved.

We have a wonderful base of volunteers located throughout the United States, have no paid staff and are funded solely by kind donations from the public. Before any rescue is placed in a forever home, the pup is spayed/neutered, heartworm checked and made current on all vaccines.

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