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Florida Parrot Rescue

Facts about Ziggy & Rickie

  • Breed: African Grey
  • Color: Gray
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female

My name is Ziggy & Rickie!

African Grey for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Ziggy & Rickie
Photo 1 - African Grey for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Ziggy & Rickie
Photo 2 - African Grey for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Ziggy & Rickie
Photo 3 - African Grey for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Ziggy & Rickie
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Ziggy & Rickie's Info...

Ziggy & Rickie's Story...
UPDATE: Rickie and Ziggy here. We’re still looking for our forever home. Will you be the one to give it to us? Our foster mom says we’re fabulous birds – no feather picking or other unusual behaviors. We’re healthy eaters and just love, love, love the caitec food we get with our other pellets. That’s the first thing we chow down on. We’re good with veggies, fruits (especially grapes) and chop. Rickie loves to whistle and sing with you. She also says “good” and “careful”. Typical Zon – she’ll step up if she wants to and is reserved until she gets to know you. Ziggy loves to carry on whole conversations when she doesn’t think you’re listening and has a whole series of words, clicks and whistles she uses. The two of us would love to share your spare time. Give us a call if you’re interested.

These two girls are very funny! Ziggy talks up a storm when she doesn’t think you’re listening. I t sounds like she’s scolding someone and then you’ll hear ‘C’mon”, “here”, “pretty girl”, “whatcha doin’”, “hi Ziggy”, “Who’s your daddy” and a couple of other words very clearly. Morning and evening are her best talking times. She and Rickie like to visit on Rickie’s cage. Rickie is more dependent on Ziggy than the other way around. Rickie still doesn’t like to step up when she’s on her cage but is getting very good at whistling and dancing. Loves to whistle part of “row, row, row your boat’ and dances in a circle when her foster mom bobs her head and whistles. She also likes to talk and is starting to say “hello” and “careful” – hard to understand but she’ll repeat these words several times if you say them back to her. They have both been converted over to a pellet diet and can’t get to their food fast enough in the morning. Ziggy bounces back and forth from foot to foot and Rickie will pull the door of her cage shut to maneuver her way to her food. Very funny! They love almonds, grapes and sometimes chop, as well as scrambled eggs!

ZIGGY: Well, to start with, I’m a happy, social girl – now that I’ve settled in to my foster home and know the routine, I love to spend time helping make our food and just generally hanging with my foster mom. I’m a little cage aggressive, but getting better every day. My foster mom hears “Ziggy – who’s your daddy?” and laughs a lot so she must be amused. I’ve progressed from a seed diet to partial pellets and partial nutriberries. I love pistachio nuts and fruit (grapes, mostly) and my foster Mom is introducing me to fresh vegetables too. I also love my baths with warm misting water. I don’t particularly like being scratched but am learning the “touch” language – happy voice with a “touch” sound. I’m a happy girl who whistles and talks. I’m probably about 12 years old and a Timneh African Grey.

RICKIE: I’m a very sweet girl – 12 years young and a pretty blue-fronted Amazon. I’m very shy – it’s taken my foster mom a while to be able to be near me so I don’t scramble on to the top of my cage. She likes to talk with me and whistle and I’m learning “Row, row, row your boat” and “Frere Jacques”. I can’t whistle them all yet but I’m working on it. I’m pretty quiet although I do like to talk to myself. I’m still on a seed diet but have graduated to a good one (and I am sure my Mom will keep hounding me about trying pellets) and my foster mom is going to make some chop for me to try. I’m a very picky eater but if the chop is good, I’ll eat it. I’m very quiet – I talk to myself a lot – but don’t scream or carry one. If you have the patience and love for a girl like me and my best friend Ziggy, please think about adopting us!

All birds have been properly vetted by an avian veterinarian before being placed up for adoption. Interested in adoption? Please go to our website to fill out an application and to read our adoption protocols at
Adoption fees (all fees include the bird’s cage IF the bird has a cage - most do, but please ask!):
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Quaker Parrots: $50
Parrotlets, Indian Ringnecks: $75
Conures: $125
Senegals, Lories, Meyers, Caiques, large Asiatic species: $200
Pionus, Amazons, Miniature Macaws (Hahns, Severe, Illigers, Yellow-Collared), Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Bare-Eyes): $275
Eclectus Parrots: $325
Large (other) Cockatoos (M2′s, U2′s, Sulfur Crested, etc...), African Greys: $400
Large (other) Macaws (B&G’s, Scarlet’s, Greenwing’s, etc..): $500
**Birds that have been in rescue for more than one year – 50% off of adoption fees regardless of species**
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