My name is Surprise!

Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Lawrenceville, Georgia - Surprise
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Lawrenceville, Georgia - Surprise
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Lawrenceville, Georgia - Surprise
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Lawrenceville, Georgia - Surprise
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Lawrenceville, Georgia - Surprise
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I'm being cared for by:
Displaced Animals Rescued & Adoptable By You

Facts about Surprise

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Color: Tan Or Fawn (Mostly)
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Short
As his name implies, this beautiful tan-and-white boy showed up quite unexpectedly one Saturday prior to his foster's return from in-store adoption efforts. Neither she nor the vet had any idea his mom had been pregnant on intake! Sadly, only he survived birth. He's very loving and affectionate, though shy around noise. He gets along very well with other cats, is playful and inquisitive. He grew into quite a sizable boy but has been waiting MUCH too long for a home. He appears to have a defective tear gland on one side that causes that eye to run chronically--this is easily wiped with a moist cloth. Please take this sweet boy home to love for the rest of his life!!

Surprise is about 4-5yrs old, neutered, litterbox-trained, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, current on shots (FVRCP, Rabies, us. Leukemia), and microchipped. INDOOR HOME ONLY. Keeping nails trimmed & providing scratching surfaces, as well as plenty of attention, exploration, and playtime, are crucial to the mental & physical well-being of every pet cat at all ages. Declawing isn't permitted as it involves AMPUTATING the first knuckle of the toes containing the claw root & is severely painful, can have drastic behavioral consequences as far as litterbox use, removes natural defenses, and in some cases can lead to chronic, lasting pain akin to "phantom limb" syndrome.
Please be aware that monthly flea/tick preventative & worm prevention as recommended by your vet are also a MANDATORY part of responsible pet ownership. Failure to treat/prevent parasites is cruel to the pet's health & comfort, and in the case of severe intestinal worms, heartworms, or extreme flea infestation, can be fatal!

Can I let my cat go outdoors? He knows he lives here.
No, cats that spend unsupervised time outdoors are FAR more likely to become infected with fatal viruses FIV (feline AIDS) and/or Feline Leukemia, as well as to become lost or stolen, die in traffic, ingest poisonous substances (toxic plants, antifreeze, mouse/rat or insect poison), suffer severe wounds from feral toms or, more dangerously, preying stray dogs/coyotes that may also eat them. Many outdoor cats are presumed stray and either picked up by animal control or fall victim to acts of teen cruelty, such as being lit on fire, exploded with fireworks, shot with BBs or buckshot, soaked in kerosene, bugspray, or bleach, cornered & beaten to death, or deliberately run over. Therefore, no cat will be adopted as an outdoor pet or as an indoor/outdoor cat. They very much enjoy a safely enclosed sunroom, catwalk, or approved outdoor structure, or even outtings by harness/leash. While there are companies that build fences with inward-inclined tops that are purported to keep cats in the yard, bear in mind that this does not keep hostile feral tomcats or predators OUT.

Adoptions are by appointment, available in the Gwinnett (Lawrenceville/Duluth/Lilburn area, such as near Gwinnett Mall); or within reasonable drive of same. Please call & leave message on VM 678-MEOW-NAP, or email As not all pets are on-site, please call at least 1 day in advance of when you wish to meet the pet. Thank you for Bringing Our Hearts Where Home Is! (TM)

About Displaced Animals Rescued & Adoptable By You

About Our Rescue Group...

We are a tiny group of dedicated volunteers who take care of displaced pets in a home environment until they find their forever families. All pets are vetted, from first shots/worming/deflea'ing to heartworm or FIV/FeLV test, spay/neuter, microchip, and treatment for any additional conditions with which they arrive (heartworms, earmites, skin infections, phobias, etc.). Monthly flea/tick preventative is received by all fosters; monthly heartworm preventative/wormer is given to all dogs. Dogs also become crate-trained, a major step toward housebreaking.

OUR GOAL is to rehabilitate all pets to a mentally capable & physically fit state to the best of our ability, then pair each pet with a loving, compassionate, responsible, committed lifelong home where they will be treated as family members, so they never again face homelessness, neglectful conditions, or abuse. We do NOT permit resale & are very concerned w/this "flipping" trend among dishonest rescue applicants who don't have the pet's interests at heart. Consequently, we make an effort to monitor popular "resale" sites to prevent our own fosters' being "flipped" to the highest bidder w/out humane evaluation. We ALWAYS accept back any adopted foster pet from us that the adopter can no longer take care of or provide for due to a major crisis, such as change in health status, long-term financial devastation, moving to an assisted living situation, etc.

We do not have "temporary" pet-sitting services, nor do we have any long-term care/hospice facility for advanced-age or chronically ill/seriously disabled pets. We have no means by which to provide charity for devastating injury cases or surgeries. We do NOT provide trapping on a colony-scale or wildlife services whatsoever. While we can provide certain contact info for affordable spay/neuter clinics, we don't do surgeries ourselves, nor hospitalization or euthanasia, nor grief counseling, nor any veterinary counseling by phone regarding illness symptoms or poisoning.

While we work closely with the certified dog trainer at our partner store, we aren't able to accept highly aggressive dogs w/a history of biting humans due to the simple reality that our volunteers' safety and that of our adopters at in-store events cannot be compromised, but we do refer to various trainers and skilled canine educators within the Georgia community.

Come Meet Our Pets...

We are part of the foster-home network, so we do not have a brick-and-mortar shelter to visit. ... Please contact us AHEAD OF ADOPTION DATE for a meet-and-greet appointment. As not all pets are at one site, please call at least 24hrs ahead of when you wish to meet. Thank you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The former rescue known as the Duluth/Alpharetta chapter of Society of Humane Friends is now defunct, and has reorganized into the new group Displaced Pets Rescued & Adoptable By You (DARABY) loosely based in the Lawrenceville area.
Adoption arrangements are by appointment; send an email to OR leave a message on the VM: 678-MEOW-NAP [678-636-9627]. Please allow up to 24hrs for call returns.

NOTE: If you found a pet, PLEASE HAVE IT SCANNED (NO COST) AT ANY VET OR PUBLIC SHELTER for a microchip that can rapidly reunite pet with owner. Don't assume any stray is an abandonment--it may have escaped by accident! Place posters in the area the pet was found with your contact info, the type, color and gender of the pet, and the date found. Also check MISSING PETS on,, LostandFoundPetsofGwinnett, etc. (also FB pages of same). Be sure to check "Lost & Found Pets" section of also. Check ALL local Animal Control facilities within 50mi at least 2x/week; bear in mind that most are understaffed and don't have time to contact you for admitted look-alikes unless you've chipped & registered your pet.

If you leave a message about a stray or giveup and do not receive a callback within 48hrs, please assume it's because we do not have room in our foster system for further intakes at this time. While we'd love to help everyone who called, there simply is only so much space, resources, and volunteer hours to take care of everyone adequately! Only adoptions can open new space; if we're over capacity already, mulitple adoptions may need to occur first. Please continue contacting other rescues, including larger ones that have a physical shelter building and place out larger quantities of pets in a given month, opening new spaces at a higher rate than we.

Our Adoption Process...

Inquiry, Application, pet meeting, Counsel.
Adoption contract, 30-day trial period, follow-up visit desired; counsel as adopter needs, or referral to store certified trainer. Refundable return during first 30 days (provided pet is unharmed & all papers returned); lifetime return in case of duress. All medical records, collar & tags provided other than your personal ID. Most pets microchipped; transfer is responsibility of adopter.

Dogs $180-295, Cats $60-180. Most are mixed-breeds & lowest amount. Discount for multiples, senior pets, special needs, long-term foster residents (varies). Checks NOT accepted. Cash preferred, but credit/debit is an option via pet supply store gift cards for our shelter needs (such as food, litter, supplies). Receipt provided as part of Adoption Contract.