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Hi Folks!

Well, it is finally here! BINGO! Please come join us at the Elk’s Lodge #2355, 14602 Minnieville Road, Woodbridge, VA, 22193. Doors open at 1:45, Bingo starts at 2:30 and goes until about 5:30 PM. Bingo has taken about a year in the preparation, but we are really hoping that it takes off and can fund our spay/neuter, rescue, adoption efforts, and even our own private animal shelter. Can you help us? Come & play, share the news, or email me to bring baked goods for sale at Bingo & for door prizes. Door prizes can include a free night boarding at Lord Charlton Kennel, gift certificates, cash, & yummy food preparations. We would LOVE for you to be a part of this fundraising effort so we can continue to do what we do. As an added bonus, it is so much fun to play! You can come meet some of the angels involved in our little rescue, and we would LOVE to see you! For more information and the Bingo program, please go to our Bingo page or email me at sadsac01@yahoo.com.

Bingo is not the only thing that is here!

This year’s kitten season started off with a bang. After neutering 95 cats in the month of March, and around 30 in the month of April, the calls started coming from the Prince William County Animal Shelter for help. It was a typical Friday as the first call came for help with a 2 week old kitten with no mama. OK, I said, bring him on down. I named him Leopold. A few hours later, the second call came for a litter of three kittens that were less than a week old. These guys usually don’t make it, and it is heartbreaking. It is very difficult to find fosters moms willing to take such kittens on. At 2 weeks old or less, they need to be fed every 2 hours! Auntie Cindy & Auntie Meghan stepped up to the plate, and all are doing well. While I was taking in the three wee ones, Laurie from the shelter showed me a picture of a broken legged Chihuahua/Min Pin mix. Ouch! That leg surely looked broken to me. The little guy was so frightened that no one could get near him for a few days, so his chances of adoption were quickly disappearing. Auntie Candy to the rescue! She is our Chihuahua whisperer.  Rusty, as he is now called, seems to never meet a stranger. He seems to really love men, and will be in a splint for a couple of weeks due to the broken bone in his right front leg. What a good boy. He will go up for adoption in a week or two.


As always, thank you to all of our fearless supporters who keep me from despair with all of your encouragement, Facebook likes, kind words, and of course, the all-important donations.

Together we CAN do this.

Thank you! -Sherry

One or two bakers needed for Sunday, May 3, 2015, Bingo. Can you help us? Please email Sherry at sadsac01@yahoo.com