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Thanks to the many dedicated volunteers who came out and attended, had a vendor booth, or assisted in any way!  While we had a few complications, we made do and had a great Costume Contest, lots of incredible free treats, enjoyed square dancers, met with new and old friends, increased traffic at the shelter, and most importantly, more than doubled the adoption rate for that weekend!  Normally 3 cats are adopted each weekend, and 6 were adopted on Sunday.  A seventh was adopted by one of my volunteers who went back for him the next day!  I am afraid I cannot remember the number of dogs adopted, but one dog was taken in by another of my volunteers from a citizen in the parking lot of the shelter.

Thank you Amy & Wren, Jim & Bonnie, Sohane & Shawna (my heroes!) and anyone and everyone who participated in any way!  We raffled off an amazing doll house and shared proceeds with our friends at Animal Allies Woodbridge, sold a bunch of adorable blankets made by a kind soul whose name I do not know yet, and got a few donations from vendors and citizens who attended.  Thank you to the Prince William County Animal Shelter for cohosting this event for us and supplying the ribbons for the costume contest.  We had a blast!

-Sherry / President, SADSAC