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Rosie Animal Adoption
Adopt A Pet :: Snookie is Reserved - Kirkland, QC

Snookie is Reserved

Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Female, Adult
Adopt A Pet :: Mimi is Reserved - Kirkland, QC

Mimi is Reserved

Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier

Female, Adult
Adopt A Pet :: Cody is Reserved - Kirkland, QC

Cody is Reserved

Sheltie, Shetland Sheepdog

Male, Senior
Adopt A Pet :: Sky - Kirkland, QC


Border Collie

Male, Puppy
Adopt A Pet :: Baily - Kirkland, QC


Bernese Mountain Dog

Female, Puppy
Adopt A Pet :: Zoey - Kirkland, QC


Labrador Retriever Mix

Female, Puppy
Adopt A Pet :: Murdoch - Kirkland, QC


Cocker Spaniel Mix

Male, Young
Adopt A Pet :: Sunny - Kirkland, QC


Labrador Retriever Mix

Male, Young