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A Castro Valley, CA 94546 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas MCE Animal Foundation Serves

Nevada (Reno, Las Vegas), California (Bay Area and Southern California).

MCE Animal Foundation's Adoption Process

1: The pre-adoption/evaluation form ( needs to be filled out for us to ensure you are a suitable candidate for our rescue dogs. (yes, we are picky). The form is intended to both provide enough information for us to make a determination on your suitability, but also to encourage you to consider the impact the dog will have on your house, expenses, time, and life. (There is no shame in saying no, in fact, we would prefer you make an honest appraisal of your life to insure its compatible with the needs of the new family member, and for some, as much as they want, a new dog may not fit their life just yet)

2: We then schedule with you a home visit to and the new pup to make sure the environment is suitable for her and you feel comfortable. (MCE Animal Foundation strives to make sure that the new adoptive pup and you both are happy). During this time, we try to give you as much information as possible regarding the dog, the care of her, best ways to feed/bath/groom her and address any questions/concerns you have.

3: We then arrange a sleep over the dog and you.. (this is typically up to 5 days, but its based on your preference and the dog's needs. Some dogs need more time to unwind, others are best friends within minutes) This is your time to bond with the new pup and your family to see if you are a perfect fit and if the dog will accept you. (yes, some dogs simply don't like the family/house) We will be in contact you via email/phone/text (Whichever your preference is) to make sure you are not alone in this.

4: Assuming everything else has gone well, then you need to fill out the formal Fee Schedule/Adoption form. If we accept the form, then you would pay the fees associated.

5: We would ask you to sign a final release form which acknowledges that the dog is now formally a member of your home. (If there are any outstanding requirements such as additional vaccinations, spaying/neutering that are needed, those must be completed by you in a timely manner for you to receive a refund of those fees).

About MCE Animal Foundation

The MCE Animal Foundation is a specialized Non-Profit that Rehabilitates (physically and emotionally), Rescues, and Re-Homes dogs in the US and other countries to new families in the US. We do this via our own resources, donations, grants, and by working with various rescues in the US and other countries to find healthy dogs that are at risk of being killed and transport them to new families.

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