Great Basin Dog Rescue

A Burns, OR 97720 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

Claire Larson

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Areas Great Basin Dog Rescue Serves

Oregon, northern California, northern Nevada, western Idaho

Great Basin Dog Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

We are in a remote area, no adoption events. If a dog is appealing, we can start a conversation.

2. Interview

We want to make sure the dog to which you are attracted is a good fit for your lifestyle.

3. Home Check

We know which dogs are diggers and which are jumpers. We see problems you might not notice.

4. Meet the Pet

Because we're a long way from anywhere, we are willing to meet partway for meet-and-greets.

5. Approve Application

6. Sign Adoption Contract

Our contract details what the dog knows, any health considerations. You agree to be responsible for the well-being for the life of the dog.

7. Pay Fee

Half the adoption fee goes to the correction facility youth who worked with the dog. All dogs are spayed/neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Once you take the dog home, we then check to make sure the training is working in the new home and you have help through any problems. Our contract requires that the dog not be rehomed or taken to a shelter or animal control. If it's not working, the dog comes back to Great Basin Dog Rescue.

About Great Basin Dog Rescue

Great Basin Dog Rescue is located in a remote area of Eastern Oregon, 130 miles from the nearest shelter. It was started with the approach that training for the dog and education for the caretaker is of paramount importance. A dog cannot be considered truly “rescued” unless it is successful in its new adopted environment. Such success is dependent not only on the dog’s household manners, but also the caretaker’s understanding of the dog’s needs for physical and mental health. Our strengths are in our willingness and ability to take the time to work within the dog’s level of acceptance. We can take the time to change the dog’s emotional reaction to situations that have frightened him in the past. Great Basin Dog Rescue pairs with a group of incarcerated youth at Eastern Oregon Youth Correction Facility for part of each dog’s training. Our training includes household manners, such as waiting at doors and going to place; leash etiquette (loose leash walking, sit/down/stand, recall, stay); crate training; impulse control, appropriate take or release of food or toys; acceptance of grooming and body work; socialization, in particular to men.

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