Les Doudous a Mogz et OC

A Parisien Street, Gatineau, QC J8P 8A3 rescue helping to find loving homes for small animals.

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Photo of Yoyo


Male, Baby
Guinea Pig

Photo of Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Male, Baby
Guinea Pig

Photo of Eli


Female, Adult, Special Needs
Guinea Pig

Photo of Ela


Female, Adult
Guinea Pig

Photo of Doudoune


Female, Adult
Guinea Pig

Photo of Ozzie


Male, Adult
Guinea Pig

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Areas Les Doudous a Mogz et OC Serves

Ontario and Quebec

Les Doudous a Mogz et OC's Adoption Process

1. Visit the Facility and Find a Pet

You are invited to come and meet with us and our guinea pigs.

2. Meet the Pet

If you are looking for a cagemate for your guinea pig, we offer proper introductions to find suitable companions.

3. Interview

Let's just sit down and talk... it's that simple.

4. Approve Application

Certain conditions must be met to be able to adopt one of our guinea pigs.

5. Take the Pet Home

You're ready to take your new fur baby home.

I am here to help and offer any support you might need.

About Les Doudous a Mogz et OC

I’ve always had a passion for sewing and animals but it was when I adopted Pokeyo, my hedgehog that these two passions exploded. Now several years and guinea pigs later, I want to share this passion.

After many years of making liners and other cage items, I quickly realized there was another more important need, people and guinea pigs needed help in finding good furever homes.

So now, I take in unwanted, abandoned, abused guinea pigs and attempt to find suitable homes for them. I rehabilitate when needed which means, I undo the damage caused by the lack of information of their former owners. I also socialize them to prepare them for their new furever family. I educate new potential adopters about the proper care and environment they need to keep these loving creatures happy and healthy. I also help in proper introductions for future cagemates.

If you have questions or want to know if guinea pigs are for you, do not hesitate to make an appointment. I am located in Gatineau, Quebec, near Ottawa.

Thank you, Nancy

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