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A Riverside, CA 92508 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.


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Areas Riverside Rescue Serves

Southern California

Riverside Rescue's Adoption Process

1. The adoption process starts with you completing an adoption application.
2. If your application is approved we can then schedule a visitation for you.
3. If you like one of our companions we will schedule a date for us to deliver the companion to you.
4. When we deliver the companion to you we will also perform a home check and give you your in home education class.

* Our companions are altered, up to date on all shots and have a rabies certificate, saving you time and money.
* The adoption fee prevents these companions from being used for experimentation or for fighting purposes.
* The adoption fee helps us recover a portion of the expense we incur in caring for these companions.
* Breakdown of our costs:
o $60-$100 to have the companions altered
o $20 for vaccinations
o $.50 per day for food
o Miscellaneous medical bills, phone bills, transportation costs, etc.

* You will also recieve an in home 'human' education class.

About Riverside Rescue

Riverside Rescue was formed because of the tremendous amount of stray canines in the area. Taking them to the county shelter is not an option because they kill over 70% of the companions that enter their system! Over 1,000 dogs and cats are killed each month by Riverside County!

Note: The Riverside city/county shelter now has a new director, Robert Miller. He has a tough job ahead of him correcting the errors of the past but we are hoping for the best. Hopefully the numbers of companions killed will start dropping. When new statistics are available we will post them.

Our goal is first and foremost to find the companion a fantastic forever home. We have a very strict screening process to help ensure this.

Our second goal is to make sure you are happy with your companion. After all, if you are not happy, the companion will not be happy either. We even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Riverside Rescue does not have kennels. All of our canine companions live together on 2 acres of fenced property. This helps socialize the companions with other canines and prevents them from getting 'kennel fever'. This also gives us the opportunity to observe each companions behavior and how they interact with other canines.

Come Meet Riverside Rescue's Pets

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Riverside Rescue's Adopted Pets

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