Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

A 3555B Cahaba Beach Road, Birmingham, AL 35242 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

Stacye Seremet

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Photo of Lacey


Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever

Photo of Macie


Female, Young
Blue Heeler

Photo of Aries


Male, Puppy
Labrador Retriever / Pointer

Photo of Althea


Female, Young
Labrador Retriever / Pointer

Photo of Carraway


Female, Adult
American Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Emmanuel (aka Manny)

Emmanuel (aka Manny)

Male, Adult
Dutch Shepherd

Photo of Lululemon aka LuLu

Lululemon aka LuLu

Female, Adult
American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Juneau


Female, Adult
Siberian Husky / Blue Heeler

Photo of Iggy


Female, Adult
American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Scout


Male, Young
Hound (Unknown Type) / Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Photo of Kingsley


Male, Senior
St. Bernard

Photo of Jax


Male, Senior
Great Dane

Photo of Kane


Male, Adult
Labrador Retriever / Bulldog

Photo of Big Red

Big Red

Male, Young
Labrador Retriever / Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Photo of Bindi


Female, Young
Dutch Shepherd / Labrador Retriever

Photo of Dusty


Male, Young
Dutch Shepherd / Labrador Retriever

Photo of Little Prince

Little Prince

Male, Young
Labrador Retriever / Black Mouth Cur

Photo of Domani


Female, Adult
American Staffordshire Terrier / American Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Kira


Female, Adult
Boxer / Black Mouth Cur

Photo of Zimba


Male, Adult
Carolina Dog / Australian Kelpie

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Areas Dixie Girl Dog Rescue Serves

Birmingham, AL, all of Alabama and New England States.

Dixie Girl Dog Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

2. Interview

3. Approve Application

We check references, including Vet, landlord (and personal if needed ) before approval.

4. Sign Adoption Contract

Once approved, adopters are able to meet the Pet before paying the adoption fee.

Dogs are not posted for adoption until they are fully vetted and ready to go to their new homes. Our adoption process is usually quick and smooth and we have many references to show this.

About Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

I have been in Rescue for 11 years and created my own last March. We have a heart for the underdogs and are willing to do whatever it takes for any dog that we commit to to make them healthy and adoptable so that they become cherished members of loving families. Rescue is not something that I would have chosen for my life, but it chose me and we work hard to give animals a chance that so deserve it.
Below is my narrative, if interested:

"It all began when I rescued my first dog, a Catahoula mix named Dixie, known affectionately by many as “Dixie Girl”, .hence the name of this organization. Dixie was an emaciated adult dog hit previously by a car and who had not stepped foot in a house prior to her rescue. She stopped my heart the minute I saw her and changed my world forever. Since her rescue, she has been my best friend showing unconditional love through the thick and thin of every aspect of my life. I feel everyone should experience the kind of love Dixie and I feel for each other, and, since that day, my passion and empathy for abandoned, forgotten dogs has consumed my life."

Founded in 2018, Dixie Girl Dog Rescue (DGDR) rescues dogs of all ages and breeds. As articulated in our Mission Statement: “Dixie Girl Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding forever families for unwanted, neglected, abused, and homeless dogs. Most organizations are willing to acquire healthy, young puppies, and while we do the same, we are here for the dogs who need a little extra help, including the mangy, sick, “broken”, broken-hearted, those who have been abandoned, left behind, and thrown away. What makes DGDR so unique is our willingness to save dogs from any situation, no matter how bad the dog's condition. With the help of our committed foster families, we work diligently to place dogs into permanent, loving, and, most importantly, responsible homes with families dedicated to caring for and making each animal feel like a newer, happier version of themselves. To ensure our rescues find the right families, we require a comprehensive adoption process. This process includes detailed applications, proper education to prospective adopters, vet checks, references, and thorough client interviews.

Dixie Girl Dog Rescue collaborates with other rescue organizations to safely transport and place our rescues into homes primarily in the northern United States. Dogs in our care receive all proper veterinary care prior to adoption, and, once medically sound, are transported up north fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed or neutered.

All donations received go directly to the care of our rescues. With the implementation of a 501(c)(3) status, our donors will be eligible for a tax deduction, therefore making them more inclined to support our overall goals. Rescuing is the first and most critical step; however, the rescued dog(s) requires/require so much more. Medical expenses, the cost of fostering, food, supplies, the adoption process, and our organized transportation services encompass a vast amount of labor, time and ongoing funding.

We continue building relationships with a number of dog lovers along with many others willing to fund our efforts if tax deductions are available. In addition to these private donations, DGDR plans to generate revenues from varied seasonal events, silent auctions, bake sales, lake events sponsored by partnered homeowners, themed events at local restaurants, and other experiences created via our partnerships with area businesses, restaurants, and local merchants willing to selflessly donate a portion of their proceeds to DGDR.

Obviously, this is a very quick overview of what transpires for each and every animal rescue organization but, hopefully, provides the necessary recap of efforts expended on behalf of the dogs we work so hard to give a second chance at life. With the right people and right resources, we can make a tremendous difference in the rescue world."


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