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A PO Box 773, Oakdale, CA 95361 rescue helping to find loving homes for cats.

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Any Feline Rescue & Adoption's Adoption Process

The following must be agreed upon
Adoption Agreement
1) I/We promise to keep this cat/kitten INDOORS Only forever.
2) I/We promise to NEVER have this cat/kitten de-clawed.
3) I/We promise to take this cat/kitten to the vet yearly, and/or as often as your vet recommends, for necessary shots, and health check-ups.
4) I/We promise to care for this cat/kitten by giving it shelter, proper food, fresh water daily, litter box, necessary grooming, and lots of love & attention.
5) I/We promise to return this animal to Any Feline Rescue/AARC if I am ever unable to keep it. I will not sell, give away, trade, or place the animal with
any other individual or agencies. No questions asked.

1) I/We understand the spirit of this contract is for the protection of this cat/kitten and I/we will take care of it to the best of my/our ability.

2) I/We understand that ANY FELINE RESCUE have tried their best to honestly represent this cat’s/kitten’s temperament on the basis of all information available to them, and that they cannot be held in any way responsible for any damage, accident, or injury resulting from placement of this cat/kitten in our household.

3) I/We realize that ANY FELINE RESCUE can make no warranty or representation as to the continued good health and disposition of this animal and, from this date forward, I/we assume all expenses in connection with the maintenance and health of this animal.

4) I/We understand that ANY FELINE RESCUE has the right to ascertain that the conditions of the adoption contract and disclaimers are being complied with on a continuing basis. We may do this through home visits (we will call first for a convenient time) and by phone calls to verify vet check-ups for ongoing care of this cat/kitten. If I/we violate any of the Adoption Contract or Disclaimers terms, ANY FELINE RESCUE has the right to immediately reclaim the animal.

5) I/We understand that all adoption fees are non-refundable & should the cat be returned the adoption fee becomes a donation.

6) ANY FELINE RESCUE reserves the right to refuse the adoption of an animal to anyone.

About Any Feline Rescue & Adoption

We are a rescue group in the process of getting our 501 (c) for non profit. We rescue cats and kittens from parks rivers, and help them find forever homes. We do this because we believe that all animals deserve a right to live without fear and with food, water and shelter. We take any kitten (stray or born into a feral colony) and get them medical treatment and on the road to their forever home.
We are supported by donations and moneys out of our own pockets - Completely non-profit.
Our Mission is to improve the life of Feral and abandoned cats and kittens. Our goal is to spay or neuter them, and not only return them to their colony, but also provide shelter, food and water. We also provide medical care for those that need it, find homes for those that are tame and tame the ones that are not. Let's put an end to homeless animals, and Save a Life - Spay and Neuter. Trying to make a difference - One Cat at a time

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