Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue

A 1205 Randall Hitchcock Road, Rock Island, TN 38581 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue
1205 Randall Hitchcock Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581

Adoption Agreement

Animal name: Date of Birth:
Adoption fees vary depending on medical care provided by Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue, spaying/neutering and vaccine status. All animals will be spayed and neutered and have routine vaccines and rabies prior to adoption.

You may return this animal within 1 week from adoption date, and receive a full refund of adoption fee.. After one week, if the new care provider no longer wants said animal, the animal is to be returned to Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue, without refund .

I promise to provide this my new companion a warm and safe place to live (a dog house or building /shelter with bedding or inside on a blanket, carpet, dog bed, bed), quality food in sufficient quantities as well as clean water at all times. I will take him/her to a vet if/ when (s)he becomes sick, for yearly rabies and other vaccines and medical care as recommended by my veterinarian. I will provide heartworm prevention and wormer routinely by my vets instructions to keep my new family member in good health. Just as importantly, I will give my new companion daily attention so that this (s)he feels like a part of the family. If I can or no longer want this animal, I notify Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue so they can assume care of him/her.

New Owner:
Vaccines: Wormed:

Adoption fees vary between $65 to $100 depending on dog, health needs, spay/neuter status, and other variablilites

Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue
1205 Randall Hitchcock Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581

Application for Adoption

Name: Address:

Phone: email:

Reason for wanting to adopt a dog:

We require routine vet care, heartworm and regular worming of your pet. We also require adequate shelter (indoor with time to play outside, or a solid structure to live in outside), adequate quality and quantities of food and water. Are you willing to provide these for your new pet?

Where will you keep this dog?

How much time do you plan to spend with your new dog each day?

How many kids do you have in your family? Ages?

Does everyone in the household want a new pet?

Do you have any other animals? What kinds?

What happened to pets you have had in the last two years that you no longer have?

Who is your current vet?

Phone number:

If you no longer want this animal, you will return him/her to Middle Tenn. Animal Rescue.

Signed: Date:

About Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue

We are a new organization that just started because our local shelter shut down due to lack of funds. We are actively recruiting foster parents. We have two goals: 1) To foster needy dogs of any ages and find them appropriate forever homes (after spaying/neutering, vaccines, worming), 2) Educate the public about spaying and neutering and general animal care.

Come Meet Middle Tennessee Animal Rescue's Pets

We are a group of foster homes. People who are interested in adopting our pups/dogs need to contact our contact person to make an appointment to see our canine buddies.