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Areas Husky Haven, Inc. Serves

Houston and surrounding areas

Husky Haven, Inc.'s Adoption Process

o adopt a Siberian Husky from us:

First fill out the Online Adoption Application. Please fill out all of the contact information. We have to have an e-mail address. After your application has been processed and forwarded to the foster family someone will contact you.
We will then match you with a dog. -- Indoors/Outdoors, small pets or children, activity level, etc.
You come out to meet the dog along with your family and other pets.
When we find the right dog you will then fill out the Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee.
The donation is as follows.
3 mo - 1 yr $200.00
1 yr - 5 yrs $175.00
Over 5 yrs $125.00.

(As of June 2005, all of our dogs are mircrochipped before adoption)
The donation is NON-REFUNDABLE as it is a donation. The money is used for shots, neutering and heartworm treatment and any other meds or treatments the dogs may need when we get them from the local pounds.
The initial interview is to find out if you like the dog and the dog likes you. Neutral territory is important if you are dealing with two dominant personalities. If you have a strong-willed dog and you are adopting a creme puff, there aren't usually problems. Generally the rescue dog is on his best behavior for a while. It takes a few days or weeks for the dog to feel comfortable enough to start testing the hierarchy. And the dogs always have their own ideas on this that don't necessarily correspond with your own.

Besides the adoption fee, the day your dog is delivered you will need a leash, collar, ID tags, a crate or doghouse, water & feed bowls, dog food, dog biscuits, dog shampoo, brushes, nail clippers, a chew toy, First Aid Supplies, and a fence as a minimum. Never leave a choke chain on a dog, these collars are for training only. See here what happens when a choke chain is left on a dog.

In addition, the first week the new owner will have to take the dog to a vet and get his/her on monthly heartworm (HW) prevention. This is a must in Texas!! Heartworms are transmitted by mosquito's so dogs need yearly protection. Over half of the dogs we rescue are positive for heartworm infection. Depending on the size of the dog and whether your vet will take our vet's HW test results, you will be charged for an examination, HW test, and 6 months HW prevention. Call your vet ahead of time and get the costs as they can be steep! You can expect to spend at least $150.00 a year on basic care.

You will also have to consider what happens when your beloved companion starts to get older, and starts to slow down and loose function. The sad truth is that we usually outlive our pets. Before the end, the last few years of your dog's life are often extremely expensive. We want adopters to think about this as well as how cute & affectionate the dog is today.

Please consider that this dog will live to be 12 to 14 years old. Are you willing to keep them thru MOVING--MARRIAGE--NEW BOYFRIENDS & GIRLFRIENDS--BABIES--DIVORCE??? These are already "throw away" dogs and we are looking for permanent homes for them.

ONLY STUFFED DOGS ARE DISPOSABLE!!!!! They are members of your family and have to be considered when life styles change. You can not just dump them because they are no longer convenient!! Please consider this when adopting!!!

If you incorporate a dog into your life, if you bring him/her in when you get home from work, and walk him/ her in the evening after supper, and talk to him/ her about your day, and take him/ her to the park on Saturday, and train him/ her and love him/ her, he/she will return all your effort a hundred times over. He/She will never demand to know where you have been, he/she will always give you a sympathetic ear, and he/she will comfort and amuse and exasperate you like nothing else in your life.

About Husky Haven, Inc.

HUSKY HAVEN, Inc. is an non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, made up of individual volunteers, and dedicated to helping Siberian Huskies. We are NOT a shelter or a kennel facility. Most dogs are fostered in private homes while awaiting adoption. The majority of our rescue costs are paid by HUSKY HAVEN adoption fees and donations from the public. Needless to say, your donations and personal support are always appreciated and greatly needed.
When contacting HUSKY HAVEN Inc., please remember that our volunteers may work during the day or have other personal obligations. We ask that you make allowances for this and be patient if we are not immediately available to take your call. Your phone calls and emails are important to us and will be answered as soon as possible. HUSKY HAVEN, Inc. volunteers may return long distance phone calls using collect phone charges.

HUSKY HAVEN, Inc. will help you with behavior and training information that allows you to keep your dog as a member of the family. Sometimes the most difficult seeming problems have very simple solutions! Please feel free to contact us for any breed advice.

If you wish to re-home your dog and your dog came from a responsible AKC breeder... please contact them first. Responsible breeders will help owners with dog problems and, if necessary, either help you re-home your dog or agree to take back your dog. The breeder's name is listed on your dog's registration papers and on the sales contract. If your registered dog came from a pet store, it did NOT come from a responsible breeder and they will not help you.

If you are in a big hurry to get rid of your personal pet and consider a shelter, you should also consider this: Shelter statistics show 90-95% of ALL dogs given to shelters will die there, many without a chance for public adoption. If your dog has any noticeable health, behavior, training, or temperament problems... it can be his death sentence in a shelter. Most shelters have limited resources and little space available for the overwhelming numbers of new dogs they receive. Each new dog means another will die to make a space available. Pets turned over by their owners can be euthanized immediately... there is NO legal waiting period as with strays.

HUSKY HAVEN, Inc. does not accept owner turn-ins. Rescue is NOT a dumping ground for owners to quickly escape their responsibility, nor a lazy solution to simple dog problems. Breed rescue is the last resource for many lost, abandoned, neglected, or sometimes abused dogs. These are the dogs in the shelters with little true hope and no one left to help them, and they must take first priority.

Rescue will always work to help owners who have problem situations. Our goal is a good home, whether that is with the current owner or a new family. We are here for the dogs that need help, and that is always our first and final priority!

Thank you...

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