Spare Cat Rescue

A Carthage, MO 64836 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits.

Cole Kaylene

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Areas Spare Cat Rescue Serves

Carthage, Joplin, Pittsburg and Lamar Missouri.

We are at Petsmart on Saturdays 10-3pm. Please let us know if You would like to see one of our cats or kittens on the site...

We do stay later at Petsmart and can schedule times for any of our Cats to be seen.

Spare Cat Rescue's Adoption Process

Our Fee's range:

Adults Sponsored adoption fees... the cost of adoption for these cats online are $10.00

Most of our cats have been rescued from different shelters that otherwise would have been euthanized due to illness or injury, overcrowding or old age.

About Spare Cat Rescue

A foster care system for last chance cats.
Spare Cat Rescue was founded by several friends who have spent their lifetimes rescuing cats from the streets and from local shelters with the sole intention of helping them find a new loving home.

At this moment we operate as a foster care system with the hope of someday having our own shelter.

98% of our pets come straight from shelters where they were scheduled to be put down due to overcrowding or injuries. A small percentage of our adoptables come from parking lots, highways or other places where previous owners have abandoned them. We never take in cats who have a great chance of getting adopted through traditional shelters.

For all our kitties, this is their last chance of finding a loving home.

We treat sick or injured cats for everything from ringworm to bite wounds or broken legs.

Most of our available cats have lived in our homes as members of our families which helped us see how they behave and interact with other furry members.

We care deeply about these precious creatures and if someone wants to adopt one of our kitties, they will have the chance to talk directly to the family that fostered them who will give an honest information about their personalities.

If for any reason the adoption does not work out, we will take the kitty back and place him in another home.

We are a 501(c)3 organization who operates solely on donations.

We are able to receive donations and bequests; they are tax deductible to the limits of the law.

You can see all our pets most Saturdays at PETsMART in Joplin, MO. Please call ahead so We can arrange for any of the Cats You are interested in seeing will be at Petsmart.

Please come and visit them! Thank you!


Carthage, Missouri

Foster Mom & Site Manager
(417) 359-5893 Paula

Kaylene President and Founder
(417) 358.6808 Home (417) 388.0461 Cell

Come Meet Spare Cat Rescue's Pets

You can see all our pets most Saturdays at PETSMART in Joplin, MO.

Spare Cat Rescue's Adopted Pets

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