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A Franklin, KY 42134 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas Little Feet Rest & Rescue Serves

Little Feet Rest & Rescue
A Bed & Biscuit For Four Footed Kids In Transition To Their New Lives

Little Feet has foster homes located in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. We do adopt outside of our foster home areas, however, we do not ship or transport our kids to their forever homes. You must be willing to travel to our fosters’ homes to pick them up so they can be placed directly from their foster mom’s arms into yours.
(Each of our available adoptees will have their foster home location listed in their bio).

Little Feet Rest & Rescue's Adoption Process

Adoption Requirements and Policies

1. We adopt to indoor homes only.
2. A secure and appropriate fence is a must - No exceptions!
(No underground fencing, open faced farm fencing, split rail, etc.)
3. You must have an excellent vet reference with records of two or more years available.
4. All other furkids in your care must be spayed/neutered and up to date on all vet required vaccinations.
5. Homes with other furkids are considered individually, based on the breed, temperament, personality, and placement needs.
6. We do not adopt into families with small children.
7. Our fosters are NEVER allowed to leave our care before they are spayed/neutered. Please do not ask!
8. A home visit by a Little Feet representative is required before an adoption can be finalized.
9. We do not ship or transport our kids to their new forever homes. You must be willing to travel their foster homes so they can be placed directly from their foster mom's arms into yours.
10. A binding and notarized adoption contract must be signed before any foster will be allowed to leave foster care.

*Because some of our fosters have special placement needs you will often see adoption restrictions set for individual fosters based on their particular needs. Special placement needs kids spend a minimum of six weeks in foster care where their needs are assessed. Special Needs restrictions are set by agreement of no less than three experienced foster moms and can not be waived.

*Some of our fosters will require breed experience. This means that you personally, in you own home, have been responsible for the daily care and medical, social, and emotional well being of another furkid of this breed for the number of years stated in their bio.

*Some of our kids will posted as needing to be an “only child”. If you have family members, neighbors, etc., who visit your home with their furkids, please disclose this when you make an inquiry. This will allow us to discus our foster’s personality with you before you fill out an application. On occasion, we may have fosters that should not be exposed to other animals due to unsocial natures.

Adoption Fees.

Our adoption fees vary and are based on the reimbursement of veterinarian/medical care including spay/neuter, all required vaccinations, heartworm testing, fecal exam, and dental (if needed). On average, these cost are in the $95.00 to $250.00 range.

There are however, exceptions to these fees:
1. In cases where continuous, lifelong medical care will be required, our Board of Directors will take into consideration ongoing costs of care, making adjustments to adoption fees.
2. Some of our kids may have a sponsor pledging a portion of a foster’s adoption fee.
3. When a furKid in our care came into rescue with all medical needs previously met, we ask that you make a minimum $75.00 donation to be used toward the care of those who are not so fortunate.

About Little Feet Rest & Rescue

Founded in 2000, Little Feet Rest & Rescue is not your "normal" rescue. About 75% of the furkids you will see available for adoption with us were scheduled for euthanasia because they were not considered "adoptable" through shelters or other rescues and had no other options.

We are a privately operated, 501(c)3 / Public Charity Status rescue organization guided by a five member Board of Directors dedicated to saving the lives of death row shelter dogs who can not find foster care in other rescues due to lack of space, need of medical or emotional rehabilitation, or need of long term foster care. We also accept owner relinquished pets whose personality, temperament, or medical issues would prevent them from being adopted
from a shelter environment.

Many of the kids in our care have suffered abuse or neglect; some have come from puppy mills; some arrived with medical needs; some have been in long term rehab to overcome behavior problems developed in the hands of the wrong people; some are simply seniors who were tossed away in their golden years. We are devoted to finding loving, forever homes for those who have been mistreated or tossed away and are looking for families that want to be part of saving
the lives of the ones no one wanted.

All Little Feet Foster Kids are assessed by experienced foster moms before becoming available for adoption. We disclose all known backgrounds of those in our care, including how and why they came into rescue, their foster care personality and needs assessment, and any past or on going medical issues.

Our foster homes are a "Bed and Biscuit" for four footed kids in transition to their new lives. We believe that 'somewhere out there' there is a Guardian Angel looking for each one of our fosters; no matter where they've been, what they've been through, or what special need they may have.  If you're a Guardian Angel looking for someone to hold beneath your wings,  maybe one of our kids is waiting for you…

Come Meet Little Feet Rest & Rescue's Pets

Because Little Feet is a privately operated rescue with our fosters living in homes with individual families, we do not have a public facility where walk-in visits are possible. In order to let our kids live as normal a life as possible while in foster care, meetings with our kids are set only for those with approved adoption applications.

Little Feet Rest & Rescue's Adopted Pets

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