Mountain Harmony Rescue

A 1843 Spencer Mountain Rd, Bellvue, CO 80512 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

Sam Royer

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Areas Mountain Harmony Rescue Serves

Fort Collins. Loveland. Bellvue, Masonville, Greeley, all of Northern Colorado. I serve any animal in need who requires special care. I am not a shelter, but rather a rescue/rehab.

Mountain Harmony Rescue's Adoption Process

Please check our website for each pet's story of recue and rehab. We wish to place the appropriate breed and temperament with the right person/family so that they don't again become unwanted.

For my rescued pets, Fees are dependent on how much time, and more importantly vet care, food, and supplies were used to save the animal, but will always be reasonable. My vet, until recently, was my husband, who recently divorced me, and I am currently looking for a new vet. Personally, I have no money, only a mission, some skills, in many areas of animal care, and donations are infinitely helpful and appreciated to continue my mission.

Some animals also require special medical treatment and donations for those animals will always be helpful and appreciated, but not required.

About Mountain Harmony Rescue

I am a Dog Trainer and behaviorist. I am a magnet for Animals in need. I welcome them and wish to make them healthy before they are ready for adoption. I am able to help fur kids both medically and behaviorally.

.By circumstance, I sometimes rescue whole litters of very young kittens born from feral mothers. Though feral cats can rarely be domesticated, their young kittens, if found, can easily be wonderful pets. All of them are in need of loving homes. Had they not been found, they would have simply been added to the growing numbers of feral cats in Colorado. I have also fostered newborns as well as kittens deemed un-adoptable because of behavior, or something highly treatable ailments like ring worm, that shelters can not afford the time, nor have the resources to keep.

Fortunately, I am sometimes brought pets, mostly kidnapped, from the euthanasia room at a local shelter.

I have no outside funding, so any donations for items such as medications, food, and kitty liter is always appreciated. Any unused or unwanted pet items are appreciated as well.

Come Meet Mountain Harmony Rescue's Pets

I live in the mountains, and am not easily found. Mapquest does not know where I am. I currently have no home phone, so contact by email is required. Directions to my property will happily be given. I do not keep a large number of animals, just the needy ones. Arrangements can be made to see anyone you wish in town. Again, I take animals in need, not animals that are no longer needed.

I have been cursed, personally, in the past year, and have lost two websites, as well as my business. It is hopeful that I can retrieve both ASAP. My animals have allowed me to keep my sanity! They are always welcome in my world!

Mountain Harmony Rescue's Adopted Pets

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