Robin Hood Animal Rescue

A Glendale, AZ 85301 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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Female, Adult


Female, Senior
American Shorthair


Female, Adult
Basset Hound

Hester and Iris

Female, Young
American Shorthair

Georgie and Ringo

Male, Adult
Dachshund / Chihuahua


Female, Senior
American Pit Bull Terrier


Female, Adult
American Shorthair


Male, Adult
American Shorthair


Male, Adult, Special Needs
American Pit Bull Terrier / Bullmastiff

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Areas Robin Hood Animal Rescue Serves

Areas that we serve: We are located in the greater Phoenix area.

Robin Hood Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Interview

We want to make sure that we are doing what is best for our foster fur kids, so questions will be asked.

2. Meet the Pet

We usually do meet and greets at one of the PetSmart stores where we are an adoption partner.

3. Sign Adoption Contract

If all goes well, then an adoption contract will be signed, and adoption fee paid.

If you have fallen for one of our beautiful foster children, there will be questions asked for a better understanding of the new life for both our foster child and adopting family. A Robin Hood Animal Rescue contract will then be filled out.

We deeply care for each of our foster children so expect us to contact you now and then to make sure that everything is going well for both four legged and two legged family members. We hope that you will be touched by them as we have.

Thank-you for assisting us in giving a new (and better) life to these so very well deserving four legged children who have been discarded given the ignorance, laziness and stupidity of others.

****LET DO A MEET & GREET!****
Please give a call and we'll do a meet and greet for any of the wonderful dogs and cats that we have.


To give you an idea: We have young and older. We have long and short hair. We have big, not so big, and small. We have dogs who need a bit of understanding and training to make them the perfect family member. We have dogs who are perfect just the way they are. We have cats with big cat attitudes and cats with not so big cat attitudes.

About Robin Hood Animal Rescue

****WHO WE ARE****

Robin Hood Animal Rescue has been saving animals since its inception in March of 2004.

The founders initially worked with several rescue/adoption groups, but grew frustrated with limitations they found unacceptable. The limitations included not being able to pick up stray dogs and cats nor could certain breeds be rescued from the Animal Care and Control Center.

It was apparent that a new organization without these limitations needed to be formed to overcome these obstacles, that is how Robin Hood Animal Rescue began: dedicated to helping all dogs and cats in need regardless of breed or situation.

It was the founders' frustration and anger with the situation that helped to breed success and attention to this problem. On an average, there are over two thousand animals euthanized EVERY WEEK in Maricopa County alone.

To put an end to this atrocity, please spay or neuter your pet, put a collar with a tag (address, phone number, etc.) on your pet, microchip your pet or become a foster or adopt a pet from any of the animal rescue groups or animal control facilities and make it a life long commitment.

Rescue is an uphill battle every foot of the way, but we believe what we are doing needs to be done.

We find the strength to continue when we look into the endearing eyes of our adopted pets and the joyful faces of their new families.

This and the financial support and gifts of supplies from gracious donors help us continue on each day.

We are foster home based, which means that we don’t have a facility where the dogs and cats are kept for show and tell. Instead each pet is with a caring foster parent being loved and taken well care of until an adoptive parent or family is found.

Donations are warmly accepted. We can accept credit card and PayPal transactions. We also can accept supplies - check out the current list of needs on our website at our Supplies Donation Page

Come Meet Robin Hood Animal Rescue's Pets

Here's how you do it:
We here at Robin Hood Animal Rescue believe that dogs and cats are to be loved as you would a child. They are so much like children. The unconditional love they have for us is beyond comparison. They are so much more than a watch dog, mouse catcher or a family pet to keep outside.

If you believe the same as we do, please check out our wonderful fosters. Perhaps, that special one to fill your heart is waiting for you.

If you don't happen to see the kind of family member you are searching for, please text or call us at (623) 680-1170 or (623) 931-7499. Sometimes we get behind with updating the list, and we may not have had a chance yet to add that special one for you.

If you see a possible addition to your family you can text or call (623) 680-1170 or (623) 931-7499 and we will set up a meet and greet.

We will BOW WOW you with our adorable puppies, dogs, cats and kittens!!!

If you happen to see someone who you think might be a great addition to your family, then please contact us and we will set up a place and time for a meet and greet. There is a phone number with each pet bio. Please text or call that number.

AS OF JANUARY 1, 2021, OUR ADOPTION FEE FOR DOGS/PUPPIES VARIES. The adoption fee for dogs/puppies starts at $150.


The adoption fees help in covering the costs of spay/neutering, shots, microchipping, medical and for cats FIV/leukemia testing.

If you find one who has taken your heart, please text or call Bob, the director at (623) 680-1170.

Make a donation to Robin Hood Animal Rescue to help homeless pets find homes